Are You Up for a $15,000 Cash Race at BetOnline Poker?

BetOnline Cash RaceBetOnline Poker has temporarily suspended its Daily Cash Race promotion and replaced it with a weekly event giving players more chances to win cash and bonuses.

Last June, BetOnline Poker changed its Cash Race promotion from a weekly to a daily event in order to give players at all stake levels the opportunity to win cash prizes. The promotion has been incredibly popular, but it has often led to the same limited number of players picking up all the money. Consequently, BetOnline is trying a new weekly format paying one hundred places deep.

The frequency and payout structure are not the only changes to the promotion. Now players at all stake levels will be combined into one leaderboard competition; and, rather than receiving a point for each raked hand played, points are now awarded at the rate of one point per $0.01 paid in rake. Furthermore, action at BetOnline´s Bad Beat Jackpot and fast-fold Boost tables will now contribute to players´ positions in the weekly leaderboard competition, whereas previously it was excluded.

100 Prizes Every Week – But They´re Not All Cash

Although BetOnline Poker has almost doubled the value of the promotion each week from 7 daily prize pools of $1,100 to one weekly prize pool of $15,000, the amount of cash on offer each week has actually gone up by only $2,300. Under the new payout system, only the top thirty players each week will receive cash prizes – the remainder of the prizes will be paid in the form of a no-deposit poker bonus.

BetOnline Poker Weekly Cash Race Payout Table
Position Prize Position Prize Position Prize
1 $2,500 Cash 6 $450 Cash 11-20 $125 Cash
2 $1,500 Cash 7 $350 Cash 21 – 30 $110 Cash
3 $1,000 Cash 8 $275 Cash 31 – 50 $100 Bonus
4 $675 Cash 9 $200 Cash 51 – 75 $70 Bonus
5 $550 Cash 10 $150 Cash 76 – 100 $50 Bonus

The bonus prizes are cleared at the rate of $5 per 2,500 Comp Points (the same as BetOnline Poker’s first deposit bonus). Players competing in Cash Races the week after they have won a no-deposit poker bonus prize should have no difficulty in achieving the required number of points – although I should point out that, unlike the first deposit bonus, winners only have fifteen days to clear the bonus prizes.

A Better Promotion for Players with Bigger Bankrolls

Because of the way the promotion is structured, it will likely appeal to players with bigger bankrolls than micro-stakes players. It does, however, presents a conundrum for players about which tables to play at. The inclusion of the Bad Beat Jackpot tables is good because these are the tables most played at BetOnline Poker (because of the way in which the Jackpot is distributed when it is won).

But, players can earn leaderboard points faster by playing at the Boost tables, or at BetOnline Poker´s new 6+ Poker tables, where more hands see the flop, bigger pots develop, and more rake is taken. More rake means both more leaderboard points towards the weekly Cash Race promotion and more Comp Points to help clear a previous week´s no-deposit poker bonus prize.

The $15,000 Cash Race is on Now at BetOnline Poker

Although the first weekly Cash Race has already started, it´s not too late to get involved. Each week´s competition runs from 8:01 pm (ET) on Sundays to 8:00 pm (ET) the following Sunday and, at present, the promotion is scheduled to run in its weekly format until Sunday 15th June. Therefore, if you are up for a $15,000 Cash Race at BetOnline Poker, visit the site today.

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Jacqueline Packett
Jacqueline Packett