Arrest Made in Poker Pro Home Robbery

Back in February, Chad Power called police after his home had been robbed. The poker pro lost a ton of cash and poker chips that he kept in a safe within the home. The entire safe was stolen and inside was $750,000 in cash along with $250,000 in poker chips. Police in Henderson where the theft took place has now identified and arrested one of two men involved in the theft. Brock Brewer was recently booked by police on several felony charges connected to the crime including home invasion.

Details of the Arrest

Brewer is believed to be a gang member, according to authorities. He along with another individual followed the poker pro home one night after watching him at a casino. It is suspected that the two men waited for Power to leave his residence and then they broke in and stole the safe. Police have booked Brewer in the Clark County Detention Center. He will go to court on June 1.

Surveillance cameras caught the two men leaving the home with the safe. The two criminals did have masks with them as per the state mask regulation mandate, but they had pulled them down when they were caught on tape.

Because the men had their face masks pulled down, the cameras were able to capture their faces. Power reviewed the footage and was able to tell police that he did not know the two men. Brewer was identified by police as a possible suspect when a detective reviewed crimes that were similar to this one.

Apparently, Brewer was connected to another poker player robbery way back in 2006. In that instance, the robbery involved $15,000 in a mix of cash and chips. Police were also able to connect telephone records to the area and Brewer at the time of the incident, placing him at the scene.

Spending the Money

It seems that Brewer wasted no time in spending the cash he took from the poker pro’s home. After police suspected Brewer as one of the individuals involved, they went to his home. Police found he was driving a new Dodge Charger Hellcat.

Police traced the car purchase and realized that Brewer put the car in his mother’s name and used a whopping $30,000 in cash for a down payment. The purchase was made on February 15, which was a few days after the robbery took place.

Not long after this realization, police served Brewer with a warrant and took the Charger and two other vehicles. The suspect had a 2018 Maserati Levante SUV that he had paid in full after traveling to Arizona. This car was registered to his mother as well and cost $60,000.

Once arrested, Brewer decided to claim his right to remain silent. It is unclear at this point if police will be able to determine who the second individual was that is involved in the robbery or if Power will be able to reclaim the cash and chips that were inside the safe. Hopefully, the poker pro will be able to reclaim everything that is rightfully his.

Conor Stack
Conor Stack

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