Bad Beat Jackpot at BetOnline Poker Exceeds $350,000

Bad Beat Jackpot at BetOnline PokerIf you are a cash game player at stakes of $0.50/$1.00 or higher, it may be of interest to you that BetOnline Poker´s Bad Beat Jackpot now exceeds $350,000.

BetOnline Poker launched its Bad Beat Jackpot back in December. The promotion was seeded by the site with $100,000 and, in less than two months, more than a quarter of a million dollars has been added to the pot by players at specially designated Jackpot tables. Currently, the Jackpot stands at $363,263.60!

The Bad Beat Jackpot will continue to increase until a player is beaten in a cash game of NL Hold´em with Quad Jacks or better. With such a valuable prize up for grabs, you can be sure that the volume of traffic will increase at BetOnline Poker´s Jackpot tables – accelerating the rate at which the Jackpot grows over the next couple of weeks.

How the Bad Beat Jackpot Works

Once stakes in NL Hold´em cash games reach $0.50/$1.00, BetOnline Poker offers players the option of playing at “regular” cash tables or Jackpot cash game tables. The difference between the two is that – at Jackpot tables – an extra $0.10 is deducted in rake for each $4.00 in the pot (to a maximum of $0.50) and added to the Bad Beat Jackpot. (Note: only players at Jackpot tables can win the Bad Beat Jackpot).

The Jackpot will be won when a player is beaten in a hand with Quad Jacks or better (for example, straight flush > straight flush). The Jackpot is paid subject to the beaten player having both hole cards included in their losing hand, there being at least four players dealt into the hand, and the hand going to showdown. When the Jackpot is won, everybody at the table shares in the prize:

  • 35% goes to the player who suffered the bad beat.
  • 5% goes to the winner of the hand.
  • 5% of the pot is distributed among the other players at the table.
  • 30% goes to seed the next Bad Beat Jackpot.

At the current level of prize money, the player suffering the bad beat would receive $127,142.26. The winner of the hand would get $63,571.13 (in addition to the money they won in the hand), and a further $65,571.13 would be distributed between the other players sitting at the table. The next Bad Beat Jackpot would start with $108.979.08 in the pot.

Jackpot Players Also Benefit from Weekly Cash Race

In addition to the opportunity to win a life-changing amount, players at the site´s cash game tables (both regular and Jackpot tables) also have the chance to boost their bankrolls in BetOnline Poker´s Weekly Cash Race. The Weekly Cash Race is a non-contributory leaderboard promotion that pays out $10,000 each week to the players who put in the most action at the tables.

To give players with smaller bankrolls the opportunity to win a cash prize, the promotion has three tiers:

  • Tier 1 (Bronze) pays out $1,420 on a sliding scale to the top twenty players playing at stake levels up to $0.50/$1.00.
  • Tier 2 (Silver) has a prize pool of $2,860 for players playing at stakes levels between $1.00/$2.00 and $2.00/$4.00.
  • Tier 3 (Gold) distributes $5,720 between the top twenty players playing at stakes of $3.00/$6.00 and above.

Players can win prizes in more than one tier, and can check their progress towards the top prizes each day on the BetOnline Poker website.

Don´t Miss Your Chance to Cash in the BetOnline Poker Bad Beat Jackpot

One of the great things about playing at the Jackpot tables while the Bad Beat Jackpot continues to grow, is that you don´t actually have to participate in the bad beat hand to share in the money. As mentioned above, 17.5% of the Jackpot is shared among players dealt into the hand. So, if you were to be playing at a 6-Max Jackpot table when the Jackpot was won, you would collect more than $15,000 just for being in the right place at the right time!

Naturally, you have to be playing at BetOnline Poker to share in somebody else´s good fortune. So head over to the site before the Jackpot gets won, and fund your account using the [geolink href=””]BetOnline Poker bonus code[/geolink] “[bonuscode room=”betonlinepoker”]” in order to take advantage of an exclusive 200% bonus on your first deposit up to $2,500.

Jacqueline Packett
Jacqueline Packett