Bad Beat Jackpot of $624,661 won at BetOnline Poker

Bad Beat Jackpot at BetOnline PokerBetOnline Poker´s Bad Beat Jackpot was won last week for $624,661 in a Straight Flush over Straight Flush hand. Because of the way in which the prize pool is distributed, dozens of players shared in the prize pool, but yet again one player missed out on a massive payday by sitting out at the wrong time.

Back in January, players at BetOnline Poker shared in one of the [geolink href=””]biggest online Bad Beat Jackpots in history[/geolink], when Tyrant´s Quad Jacks were crushed by PokerPlayer4Ever´s straight flush. The size of the prize pool was attributable to the Jackpot not having been won for nearly six months and, to ensure it was won more often, BetOnline Poker started easing the qualifying criteria.

Consequently, after initially maintaining the qualifying criteria for a Bad Beat at Quad Jacks, the criteria was reduced to Quad Tens, then Quad Nines and so on. By the time the Jackpot was won last week, the qualifying criteria had been reduced to Quad Sevens. However, as it turned out, the hand that resulted in the Jackpot being won would have met the initial qualifying criteria anyway.

What a Grand Hand to Lose

The hand that won the BetOnline Poker Bad Beat Jackpot was played on a 6-Max Jackpot table with blinds of $5.00/$10.00. The action started pre-flop with UbLudok ([card 10s js]) raising to $30.00 from the button. The Small Blind folded, but the player in the Big Blind – BB_8 ([card 5s 6s]) – raised to $103.85. UbLudok called the bet and the two players saw the flop of [card 7s 10h 9s].

Following the flop and Turn of [card 8s], UbLudok was the aggressor – betting $114.60 and $114.20 respectively. BB_8 called each of the bets and, following the River of [card qs] became the aggressor himself – shoving all-in for the remainder of his $1,039 starting stack with a Five to Nine Straight Flush. UbLudok made the call and turned over his (or her) hole cards to reveal an Eight to Queen Straight Flush.

How the Jackpot was Distributed

Despite losing more than a grand on the hand, BB_8 picked up $124,932.31 for suffering the Bad Beat. UbLudok collected $78,082.70 for winning the hand as well as the money in the pot. A further $78,082.70 was shared between the players sat at the same $5/$10 Jackpot table, with another $78,082.70 distributed among the dozens of players sat at other Jackpot tables.

As prizes are only distributed to players sat into a hand at the time the Jackpot is won, three players at the winning table benefitted by more than $6,000 because – at the time – one of the six players at the Jackpot table was sitting out. Consequently, the three players who were dealt into the Jackpot hand, but who folded their cards in the pre-flop action, each collected $26,027.56 rather than $19,520.65.

Bad Beat Jackpot Reseeded with $187,398

Despite the Bad Beat Jackpot having been won, the action continues thick and fast at BetOnline Poker. The Jackpot prize pool was reseeded with $187,398 immediately after the winning hand, and it has already grown to be in excess of $200,000 – meaning that, if it were won today, the player suffering the Bad Beat would receive more than $40,000.

It is important to note that the qualifying criteria has been reset at Quad Jacks or better. Changes to the qualifying criteria are announced in the poker client, where the value of the Bad Beat Jackpot is also updated in real time. Just remember you have to be playing at a Jackpot table in order to share in the prize pool when the Jackpot is next hit – and not sitting out, as that can be very expensive!

Visit BetOnline Poker Today

Naturally there is no telling when the Bad Beat Jackpot will be won again – the only guarantee is that you have to be in it to win it. However, the great thing about playing at BetOnline Poker is that you can earn points towards the site´s weekly cash race while playing at the Jackpot tables and win a cash prize of up to $2,000 whether the Bad Beat Jackpot is won or not.

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Jacqueline Packett
Jacqueline Packett