Bad Beat Jackpot won Four Times at BetOnline Poker

Bad Beat Jackpot at BetOnline PokerOn average, BetOnline Poker´s Bad Beat Jackpot gets won once every three months, but in January it hit four times due to the qualifying criteria being lowered.

Last month was a great time to be a cash game player at BetOnline Poker, especially if you play on the site´s Bad Beat Jackpot tables. This is because, when the Bad Beat Jackpot is won, everybody dealt into the action at any BBJ table wins a share of the prize pool, and the Jackpot hit four times last month – giving hundreds of players a welcome New Year boost to their bankrolls.

Part of the reason for the increased frequency is the qualifying criteria being lowered. Previously, a player had to lose a hand with Quad Jacks or better for a hand to be considered a qualifying Bad Beat, whereas currently the minimum qualifying hand is Quad Eights. However, the new qualifying criteria did not make a difference in the first two Jackpot hands, in which both players lost with Quad Kings.

Jackpot Win 1: 10th January 2019

The first of the four Jackpot wins came at a Full Ring $0.50/$1.00 table. “Interesni” ([card kd ks][/card]) led the pre-flop betting, and had the good fortune to flop Quad Kings ([card kh kc 9c][/card]). However, he failed to bet in the post-flop round of betting, giving “Pimpika” ([card qc jc][/card]) a free card on the Turn ([card 10c][/card]) – which completed his Nine to King Straight Flush.

Despite losing the $87.30 pot, “Interesnicollected $62,751 for his qualifying Bad Beat. “Pimpika” benefited by $44,848, while the remaining six players dealt into the hand (one player was sitting out) each received $5,980. A further $35,878 was distributed between every other player playing at a BetOnline Poker Bad Beat Jackpot table.

Jackpot Win 2: 16th January 2019

Less than a week later, the Bad Beat Jackpot was won again. This time the action took place on a 6-Max $5/$10 table and started with “SSJkar123” leading both the pre-flop betting and the post flop-betting as his [card kh kc][/card] improved to a set. However, the flop of [card as js kd][/card] had given “DontGetTired” ([card 10s qs][/card]) a Straight with the potential of the hand improving to a Flush.

The chips went flying after the [card ks][/card] on the Turn completed a Royal Flush for “DontGetTired” and Quad Kings for “SSJkar123; and although “SSJKar123” lost the $1,980 pot, he won $28,071 from the reseeded Jackpot pool. “DontGetTired” picked up an extra $20,062 for his win, while the other three players dealt into the hand won $5,350 each, with a further $16,050 distributed around the site.

Jackpot Win 3: 26th January 2019

A late night Full Ring $1/$2 table saw six players dealt into the hand. “Timemynature” ([card 7c 9c][/card]) went all-in for $400 following the flop of [card 10d 10c 8c][/card]. “Degtev” ([card 10h 10s][/card]) had an easy call to make with Quad Tens. The [card qd][/card] on the Turn failed to improve the “Timemynature” hand, but he hit his one of the two cards he need to complete his Straight Flush on the River ([card js][/card]).

Although losing the hand, “Degtev” picked up $21,390 as his share of the Bad Beat Jackpot. The fortunate “Timemynature” added $15,287 to his bankroll, while the other four players burning the midnight oil won $3,057. Almost $12,230 was paid out to every other player actively involved in a hand at the Bad Beat Jackpot tables.

Jackpot Win 4: 29th January 2019

The final Jackpot win was played out at a 6-Max $2/$5 table and had a larger-than-usual element of luck about it.Trueteller2013” ([card 8s js][/card]) had called pre-flop and post-flop raises from “superman1976” ([card 10h 10c][/card]) despite having uncompleted draws following the flop of [card 9c 4h qs][/card]. The [card 10d][/card] on the Turn put “Trueteller2013” ahead with a Straight, but the action really kicked off after the [card 10s][/card] on the River that gave “TrueTeller2013” a Straight Flush and “superman1976” Quad Tens.

Although the Jackpot had been won three days earlier, “superman1976” was compensated for his Bad Beat to the tune of $10,150.Trueteller2013” added $7,254 to the $526 he had won for winning the hand, and the four other players dealt into the Jackpot hand each won $1,451. A further 89 players were competing at BBJ tables at the time, and they each received $65 from the prize pool.

How Many Times will the BBJ be Won in February?

Historically, the Bad Beat Jackpot was won on average every three months at BetOnline Poker, but that doesn´t mean to say it will be another year before it strikes again. Two of the four Jackpot wins would not have happened had the minimum qualifying criteria remained at Quad Jacks, so there´s no telling what will happen while the site maintains the Quad Eights threshold.

Despite being won as recently as last Tuesday, there is already nearly $60,000 in the reseeded Bad Beat Jackpot prize pool. That means the winner of the next qualifying Bad Beat will receive at least $10,000 and the player who wins the hand will collect at least $7,500. Could one of those two players be you? Only if you are playing at BetOnline Poker at a Bad Beat Jackpot table.

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Jacqueline Packett
Jacqueline Packett