BetFair Poker Updates Loyalty Scheme for Easier Points Earning

Online poker rooms offer loyalty or reward programs as a way to provide their players with incentives for being regular members of their brand. For an online poker room to be successful, they must offer a fair and quality poker loyalty program, making it easy for players to take part. At Betfair Poker, the brand recently updated their loyalty program so that players have an easier time earning Status Points to then cash out for monetary rewards.

Automatically Earn Cash Back

Playing online poker for real money can be rewarding as a winning player. However, at Betfair Poker, it is rewarding just for taking part at the site. Players will earn loyalty points based on gameplay. The first loyalty level is the Bronze level. Players will be set at this level first. After reaching the Silver level next, players just need 1,250 Status Points to cash out £10. Since the rewards are automatic, players will find the extra cash in their account after reaching the correct Status Points earnings.

For the next level, players move on to Gold. The same 1,250 Status Points will provide a little more in cash back. At this status, players earn £15 in cash rewards. The changes to the program began on the 7th and players were encouraged to convert remaining points on the 6th. Players who did not do so will find their points automatically converted by Betfair.

Easily track your progress from the Loyalty Page of Betfair Poker found in the software of the brand. From here, you can check your reward progress to see how many points you have earned. This way, you can easily see how close you are to reaching your next cash reward.

Money Spinner

On top of the loyalty program, Betfair also offers contests and events that players can take advantage of. The Money Spinner option is a way for players to complete missions and then spin a wheel to earn prizes. With this option, players can complete poker missions to earn 625 status points which is worth one spin on the Money Spinner Bonus Wheel.

Players can also complete slots missions and then earn a spin on the Money Spinner Bonus Wheel. The online poker software offers a casino tab where players can find slots to complete this challenge. Play a game and spend some cash to earn a spin.

Once you spin the wheel, there is a chance to win a prize. Every spin is guaranteed a winner. Some players will win cash whilt others will be earning general tickets that can be used for poker tournaments. The tickets range in value so players can take part in a variety of options. Players have 60 days from the issue date to use any tournament tickets that are won.

The online poker room offers a ton of other options a well. Easily check out what they have to offer by visiting the Betfair Poker site.

Jacqueline Packett
Jacqueline Packett