BetOnline Announces New Poker Bonus

BetOnlineBetOnline has announced that it is to introduce a new poker bonus for first time depositors and existing players on its US friendly poker site.

The company – which currently offers lifetime deposit bonuses to its sports bettors and casino clients – is to introduce a 200% match bonus on poker deposits between $50.00 and $2,500 to new players; with existing poker players who have already funded their accounts also having the option to take advantage of the BetOnline poker bonus.

The BetOnline poker site – which operates on the Chico Poker Network and which accepts poker players from the USA – has seen a significant increase in popularity recently. Its low standard of competition and fast cashouts have drawn in players looking for a lucrative poker experience despite the aging and sometimes unstable poker platform.

This new poker bonus is likely to attract further players to the site, which will create sufficient volume of traffic to enable players to clear the full BetOnline poker bonus within the 120 days allowed by the site.

How the BetOnline Poker Bonus Works

Unlike most other USA friendly sites, BetOnline is using the “progressive” method to release increments of the bonus into player´s accounts – a similar method to that used by Bovada Poker. In the “progressive” method, increments of the BetOnline bonus are released at five pre-determined stages when a player has paid a specific amount of rake at the cash games tables or paid fees to enter poker tournaments.

The Stages are as follow:-

  • Stage 1 – 5% of the pending bonus is released when a player has paid 25% of their qualifying deposit in rake
  • Stage 2 – A further 10% of the BetOnline Poker bonus is released when the player has paid 75% of their initial deposit in rake
  • Stage 3 – A payment of 25% of the outstanding bonus will be made when a player has paid 175% of their deposit in rake
  • Stage 4 – A further 25% of the bonus is released when 330% of the deposit has been paid in rake, and …
  • Stage 5 – The final 35% of the bonus offered by BetOnline Poker is paid when the player has paid 580% of their first deposit in rake.

An Example of how the BetOnline First Deposit Bonus is Applied

BetOnline makes it easy for players to monitor their bonus progress by allocating Player Option Points (POPs) for the money they contribute to the rake deducted from a pot or they pay to enter poker tournaments. 10 POP Points are awarded for each dollar paid in rake or fees, and a counter in the poker client shows how many POP Points a player has collected to date.

Based on the stages mentioned above to release the new BetOnline poker bonus, a player making their first deposit of $1,000 would have to collect the following number of POP Points within the 120 days allowed to collect their 200% poker bonus of $2,000:-




POPs Required

Bonus Amount























Important Notes about the BetOnline New Poker Bonus

You will need to fill in their generic bonus code POKERNEW in the BetOnline promo code field in the cashier. The new BetOnline poker bonus has to be activated by the company´s Customer Support Department before the POP Points earned at the tables can be used to clear the bonus. Players wishing to take advantage of the BetOnline bonus should email once they have funded their accounts.

Like many other sites, BetOnline allows players to use their POP Points to enter sit n go games and multi-table tournaments. However, when a player uses their POP Points to enter poker games, they are deducted from the amount which counts towards the BetOnline poker bonus.

Jacqueline Packett
Jacqueline Packett