BetOnline Bad Beat Jackpot Building Up Quickly Again

Bad Beat Jackpot at BetOnline PokerLess than five weeks after it was last won, the Bad Beat Jackpot at BetOnline Poker is building up quickly again and is currently approaching $350,000.

The Bad Beat Jackpot promotion was introduced by BetOnline Poker last December. I first commented on how quickly it was growing [geolink href=””]at the beginning of February[/geolink] and, within a couple of weeks, nine players shared in a Jackpot of $391,936 when “ONEnDONE” had their Quad Jacks cracked by “HslHoff” Quad Aces (you can see how the hand played out [geolink href=””]in this article[/geolink]).

Now the progressive Jackpot prize pool is building up quickly again. Having been reseeded with $117,620 from the previous Jackpot, the prize pool at the time of writing is $336,000, and it will likely surpass $350,000 this weekend – especially as it is the time of the month when BetOnline Poker hosts it $100,000 guaranteed monthly “Main Event” tournament.

How the BetOnline Poker Bad Beat Jackpot Works

In addition to being seeded from a proportion of the previous Bad Beat Jackpot prize pool, the prize pool continues to grow due to an additional $0.10 deducted in rake for each $4.00 in the pot at specially designated Jackpot tables. These tables are available at stakes of $0.50/$1.00 or higher, and only players dealt into a hand at a Jackpot table are eligible to share in the Jackpot when it is won.

In order for the Bad Beat Jackpot to be won, one player must have their Quad Jacks or better beaten by more valuable Quads or a Straight Flush. It is important to note the losing player must have both their hole cards included in the losing hand, at least four players are dealt into the Jackpot hand and the hand goes to showdown. Provided these criteria are met, the distribution of the prize pool is as follows:

  • The player suffering the bad beat receives 35% of the prize pool.
  • The player who wins the hand receives 17.5% of the prize pool.
  • All other players dealt into the hand share 17.5% of the prize pool.
  • The remaining 30% of the prize pool seeds the next Bad Beat Jackpot.

The last time the Bad Beat Jackpot was won at BetOnline Poker, “ONEnDONE” picked up $137,177.64. The victor in the hand – “HslHoff” – saw his (or her) bankroll increase by $68,569.21, and the other seven players dealt into the hand were each rewarded with $9,795.60 just for being in the right place at the right time. It would be unjustified for me to claim any credit for the Bad Beat Jackpot being won so soon after I wrote about how large the prize pool was growing last time; but, if it happens again this weekend, I might go out and buy a lottery ticket!

Going to be a Busy Weekend at BetOnline Poker

In addition to the growing Bad Beat Jackpot, there are some tight battles going on at the top of the weekly cash race leaderboards. At the time of writing, the first four places in the Bronze Level look sealed, but there are around forty players could fill the next sixteen places. In the Silver Level, only the top three players can feel confident about cashing in the promotion, while in the Gold Level, the slim margin of 57 points separates third place ($800 prize) from fifth place ($200 prize).

As well as plenty of action on the cash tables, BetOnline Poker is hosting its $100,000 guaranteed “Main Event” on Sunday at 7:00pm (ET). This valuable tournament has a buy-in of $109.00, and a host of satellites starting at Freeroll level. Undoubtedly one of the most popular qualifiers will be tomorrow night´s $44.00 buy-in satellite at 8:00pm (ET) that guarantees a minimum of four seats into the target event, but keep an eye out for some of the $11.00 buy-in satellites running earlier in the day that may well be undersubscribed.

Will You be In the Right Place at the Right Time at BetOnline Poker?

There is no guarantee that the Bad Beat Jackpot will be won this weekend, but you will not be able to win a share of it if you are not playing at BetOnline Poker. If you are new to the site, don´t forget your action at the Jackpot tables also contributes to clearing the first deposit BetOnline Poker bonus. If you have not yet made your first deposit, read how you can get a better deal than is offered directly by the site when you read my [geolink href=””]BetOnline review[/geolink].

Jacqueline Packett
Jacqueline Packett