BetOnline Challenges You to be a Poker Tournament Warrior

$35K Warriors Tournament Challenge at BetOnline PokerBetOnline Poker´s latest tournament-based promotion should prove lucrative for players of all bankroll levels who can play at least one tournament per day.

When online poker sites host leaderboard-based promotions, the promotions most often favor players with bankrolls to support high stakes cash games or feature tournament buy-ins. That´s not the case with BetOnline Poker´s latest promotion – the Warriors Tournament Challenge – which could see the site´s micro-stakes players mopping up all the top prizes.

The “Challenge” is a two-part promotion. The first part takes place between August 5th and August 25th, and consists of three weekly leaderboards, each with a prize pool of $5,000 in tournament dollars. Then, on Sunday September 1st, there are three freeroll tournaments scheduled which, between them, have a further $20,000 in tournament dollars up for grabs.

Part 1: The Warrior Challenge Leaderboards

Warrior Challenge leaderboards run from 00:00 on Mondays to 23:59 on Sundays during the promotion (all times ET). Players get a point towards their position on the leaderboard for each tournament they enter, five points if they cash in the tournament (excluding bounty prizes), and ten points if they finish in the top twenty places.

It is also possible to get a points boost by winning a specially designated “Warrior Boost” tournament. The tournaments take place at 1:00pm and 7:00pm each day and have a buy-in of 5,000 Comp Points. Each tournament lasts an hour and, at the end of the timed event, the player with the most chips will win twenty leaderboard points.

Further freeroll tournaments with Comp Point buy-ins are scheduled throughout the three weeks of the promotion, each awarding tournament dollars that have a fifteen day expiration. Plus players entering a tournament on every day of a leaderboard week will receive a ten point head start on the following week´s leaderboard.

At the end of each week, the top one hundred players will share in the weekly $5,000 prize pool – and the prizes are well worth winning. The winner of each week´s leaderboard competition will receive $1,000 in tournament dollars; and, even if you finish in twentieth place, you will still win $50 in free tournament entries.

Part 2: The Warrior Challenge Freeroll Tournaments

During Part 1 of the Warriors Tournament Challenge, there are three milestones to aim for – 10 points (Hunter), 50 points (Warrior), and 200 points (Sorcerer). These milestones represent the three freeroll tournaments scheduled for Sunday September 1st with their respective cash prizes of $10,000, $5,000 and $5,000.

To win a seat in the Hunter freeroll tournament, all you have to do is collect ten leaderboard points in any of the three weeks. If you collect fifty leaderboard points during any weekly competition, you will be eligible to enter both the Hunter and the Warrior freeroll tournaments; and, if you collect two hundred points in a week, you will be eligible to enter all three freeroll tournaments.

The freeroll tournaments are also timed events. Each one will last for two hours, at the end of which, the cash will be divided up between surviving players according to their relative chip stacks. Remember, there is no premium for playing in high buy-in events, so you could win the lion´s share of $20,000 by playing in BetOnline Poker tournaments with $1.10 buy-ins.

Note: Throughout Part 1 of the Warriors Tournament Challenge, you can monitor your progress and your position in the leaderboard competitions by visiting the “Active Contests” section of the poker client. BetOnline Poker will also be updating the leaderboard on its website, but that´s a little harder to navigate and will be a little behind the action.

A Good Promotion for Every Type of Player

The promotions have been coming thick and fast recently at BetOnline Poker, and they tend to be favoring smaller stakes players – or at least giving them an equal chance to share in the prize money. If you would like to get your hands on a share of the prize money, visit BetOnline Poker today; and, if you don´t already have an account with the site, read my BetOnline Poker review to find out how you can claim a 100% bonus on your first deposit up to $1,000.

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Jacqueline Packett
Jacqueline Packett