BetOnline Offering Odds on Hart/Esfandiari Boxing Match

Antonio Esfandiari At the end of July, the news broke that comedian Kevin Hart had challenged poker pro Antonio Esfandiari to a boxing match and that Esfandiari had accepted. Many thought the event would never occur, but BetOnline is confident the fight will take place before the end of March 2019 and is offering odds on the outcome.

Kevin Hart is a very funny man. He is also a very fit man as is evident from his “What the Fit” series on YouTube (if you have never seen the episode with James Corden, check it out here). Hart also enjoys an occasional game of poker, and is a good friend of three times WSOP bracelet winner Antonio Esfandiari.

Last month, Esfandiari was identified leaving the M Café in Los Angeles by a TMZ news team. Esfandiari gave the news team a brief interview, during which it was revealed he and Kevin Hart had been discussing boxing, that Hart had challenged him to a fight, and that Esfandiari had agreed.

Despite being taller, heavier, and having a longer reach, Esfandiari is getting odds of 35-to-1 on winning the fight – rather skinny odds when you consider Hart  is personal friends with Floyd Mayweather and Evander Holyfield, and regularly works out in the ring as part of his intense fitness regime.

Will the Fight Go Ahead?

Some in the poker media believed the announcement was just a publicity stunt and that the fight would never go ahead. One website suggested a price of 5-to-1 for the fight to actually take place on the grounds that Hart´s management team would block it to prevent reputational damage.

However, in a more recent interview, Esfandiari stated he is already in training for the fight – implying that it will go ahead – and acknowledged that most people expected him to lose. Esfandiari also said his motivation “is kicking Kevin Hart’s ass in a forum where a lot of people are going to see it”.

Interestingly, Esfandiari believes he is getting value with his odds of 35-to-1 and reckons the line should be closer to 15-to-1. believes the line should be even lower and has priced the event at:

  • Kevin Hart -500 (1-to-5)
  • Antonio Esfandiari +300 (3-to-1)

Please note these odds are subject to fluctuation, and bets will only stand if the fight takes place on or before 31st March 2019. Please also note that, if the event takes place, it is unlikely to be taken seriously. Hart has nothing to gain from giving Esfandiari a good beating and will probably take it easy – therefore lumping on Hart is probably not a good idea unless the two friends fall out over Christmas.

Where to Find Novelty Bets at BetOnline

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Jacqueline Packett
Jacqueline Packett