BetOnline Poker $120K Micro Series Schedule Released

Micro Tournament Poker SeriesBetOnline Poker has just released the schedule for its one-hundred-event $120,000 guaranteed Micro Series that starts next week and runs until 30th June.

Under the banner of “compete for cash and glory without losing your shirt” BetOnline Poker´s Micro Series runs from next Monday (17th June) until Sunday 30th June. The schedule includes a wide variety of poker disciplines (NLHE, PLO, Texas 6+, etc.) in an even wider choice of formats (PKO, Boost, Time-Limited, etc.) which will required players to demonstrate the widest possible range of skills in order to be successful.

In my opinion, the tournament director at BetOnline Poker deserves a pay rise, a holiday, or both. Tasked with the job of compiling a one hundred event series of micro buy-in tournaments, he or she has done a tremendous job of putting together a tempting schedule that will suit players of all bankroll levels. Although clearly aimed at micro-stakes players, I can see plenty of other players wanting to get involved in this series.

What´s So Tempting about the Schedule?

In addition to the variety of disciplines and choice of formats, the range of buy-ins, the buy-in to payout ratios, and the tournament start times stand out as being remarkably sensible. Starting with the buy-ins, on each weekday of the series, BetOnline Poker will be hosting five tournaments a day with buy-ins of $0.55, $1.10, $2.20, $3.30, and $5.50. There are more tournaments at the weekend (ten on Saturdays and fifteen on Sundays) with more $3.30 and $5.50 buy-in events.

The buy-in to payout ratios are very good. Although it´s not unusual to find re-entry or R&A tournaments in the regular schedule with a 1,000x buy-in to payout ratio, there is a significant number of freezeout and shootout events that have 500x buy-in to payout ratios, and some of these take place at times (i.e. Saturday afternoon) when you might not expect that many players to be thinking about sitting down at the virtual felt.

With regard to tournament start times and late registration periods, if you are a frequent visitor to, you will be aware I am no fan of late-night events that are still open for registration at 2:00am. Fortunately, during the Micro Series, the last events start at 10:00pm and have reasonable late registration periods. Of course, if you want to continue playing until 2:00am, there are plenty of opportunities in BetOnline Poker´s regular schedule.

My Top Tournaments in the Micro Series Schedule

The two cannot-be-missed events take place on the middle Saturday and final Sunday of the Series. Respectively these are an $11 buy-in 6-Max tournament with a prize pool guarantee of $10,000 and a $22 buy-in full ring tournament with a prize pool guarantee of $20,000. These are the only two events in the Micro Series schedule with buy-ins greater than $5.50 so will likely be well supported. It´s not known yet if BetOnline Poker will be hosting satellites to these two events, but I expect so.

Elsewhere in the schedule, there are some nice opportunities depending on your preferences and style of play. For example, my preference for progressive knockout events are the 8-Max and full-ring events, rather than the 3-Max turbos and heads-up shootouts – although I will be putting my luck to the test in the progressive knockout Texas 6+ tournaments. Other events in which I fancy competing for cash and glory without losing my shirt include:

Date/Time (ET) Buy-In Event Guarantee
06/17/2019 7:00pm $1.10 NLHE Ante Up 6-Max $400
06/18/2019 9:00pm $1.10 PLO8 Hyper 6-Max $400
06/20/2019 9:00pm $5.50 NLHE Boost Full Ring $2,000
06/23/2019 1:00pm $5.50 NLHE 1 Re-Entry Full Ring $2,500
06/25/2019 9:00pm $3.30 NLHE Triple Add-On 6-Max $1,200
06/26/2019 10:00pm $5.50 Texas 6+ Re-Entry 6-Max $1,250
06/28/2019 6:00pm $1.10 NLHE Shootout Hyper 6-Max $250
06/30/2019 10:00am $5.50 PLO PKO 6-Max $500

Check Out the Schedule for BetOnline Poker´s $120K Micro Series

The full schedule for the $120K Micro Series is now online at BetOnline Poker; and, if you have to fund your account before the series starts, remember that the minimum requirement for cryptocurrency deposits is just $20 (Credit card deposits have a minimum requirement of $50). Also remember that, if this is your first deposit, you will qualify for a 100% match bonus and I´ve included the procedures for claiming the bonus in my BetOnline Poker review.

Jacqueline Packett
Jacqueline Packett