BetOnline Poker Hosting $100K Guaranteed Event on Sunday

$100K Guaranteed at BetOnlineThis coming Sunday (May 28th), BetOnline Poker is hosting the most valuable event in its tournament schedule – its monthly $100,000 guaranteed tournament.

BetOnline Poker is more renowned for its cash game action than valuable multitable tournaments, but once a month the site throws caution to the wind and hosts a multitable tournament with a $100,000 guaranteed prize pool.

The monthly highlight of BetOnline Poker´s calendar takes place this Sunday at 7:00pm (ET). It has a direct buy-in of $109.00 and late registration is open for just fifty minutes – at the end of which, late-registering players will receive a chip stack equivalent to 62.5 Big Blinds.

To support the event, BetOnline Poker is running a comprehensive satellite schedule starting at freeroll level. Already more than 200 players have taken advantage of the satellite opportunities to book their seat in Sunday´s event, and plenty more opportunities exist over the coming weekend.

The Potential to be a Great Tournament

Despite the tournament´s valuable prize pool, players start with a chip stack of just 3,000 chips. Re-buys of 3,000 chips are allowed during the first hour, and there is an optional add-on of 6,000 chips at the end of Level 6. The tournament continues thereafter in a freezeout format.

Before entering the tournament it is important to be aware that the $100,000 guaranteed tournament has a very short payout. Less than 10% of the field will get paid, and this should deter players from buying-in at the last minute, paying for an add-on, and running the clock down until they min-cash.

The structure of the event gives it the potential to be a great tournament. Blinds increase slowly during the early levels, and the re-buy and add-on options means that – going into the second hour – most players will still be deep-stacked. More often than not, this type of structure favors players with the highest level of skill, so it should be a fantastic event to be part of.

Win Your Seat in the $100K Event for Free

Tomorrow night (Friday), BetOnline is hosting a freeroll tournament giving away thirty seats into the first stage of its four-stage Steps program. The tournament starts at 7:30pm (ET), and players who fail to qualify for the Steps program via the freeroll tournament have the option of buying into any of the four stages of the Steps program directly.

Each of the four stages consists of a 6-Max Sit & Go game – so no long tournaments to battle through before reaching the target event. In the first of the stages, both the winner and the second-placed player progress onto Step 2. Thereafter it gets a bit tougher, with only the winner of each stage progressing onto the next Step.

Alternatives to the Steps program include a six times daily satellite with a buy-in of $11.00 (two seats guaranteed), a $44.00 buy-in satellite on Saturday at 8:00pm (ET) guaranteeing four seats into the target event, and two $16.50 buy-in hyper-turbo satellites on Sunday at 2:00pm (ET) and 5:00pm (ET), both guaranteeing three seats in the $100,000 guaranteed tournament.

Bad Beat Jackpot Won and Reseeded with $197,000

The big news for cash game players at BetOnline Poker is that the Bad Beat Jackpot was won last night after the prize pool had reached a massive $656,000. Prizes of $229,500 and $114,750 went to the two players involved in the hand´s showdown, while the other seven players seated at the table each won $16,500 for being in the right place at the right time.

As 30% of each prize pool goes towards seeding the next Bad Beat Jackpot, the pool to be shared by the next players to be in the right place at the right time is already in excess of $200,000. If you fancy winning a share of the pool – or fancy your chances of taking down Sunday´s $100,000 guaranteed tournament – head over to [geolink href=””]BetOnline Poker[/geolink] today.

Jacqueline Packett
Jacqueline Packett