BetOnline Poker Kicks Off Money Night Football Promotion

Money Night Football at BetOnlineBetOnline Poker has just launched a new promotion that will appeal to NFL fans who enjoy playing online poker – the Money Night Football promotion.

BetOnline Poker´s new Money Night Football promotion may be a little late for the start of the NFL season, but it has been worth waiting for. The promotion effectively gives players an opportunity to play in a $3,000 guaranteed poker tournament each week without having to buy-in. The catch is that the tournament is scheduled to run at the same time as the Monday night or Thursday night football game.

I know that a lot of players like to fire up a little online action while watching a game, and if you fall into this category, this promotion is likely to appeal to you. The only words of warning I would like to give are that the tournament action tends to be a little slow as games enter key moments (because everyone is watching the TV rather than their computer screens), and a bad result for your team can put you on tilt!

How the Money Night Football Promotion Works

Each Monday and Thursday at 7:00pm, BetOnline Poker has scheduled a $3,000 guaranteed Money Night Football poker tournament with an $11.00 buy-in. The format of the tournament will be changed each week; but for the start of the promotion, the site is running a straightforward full-ring NL Hold´em event with 10-minute levels, two hours of late registration, and a starting stack of 5,000 chips.

If you pay to enter a Money Night Football tournament and place a bet of $25 or more on the featured NFL game that night, you will receive a free entry into the next Money Night Football tournament. The bet can be on any market for the game (i.e. money line, rushing yards, pass completions, etc.), and regardless of whether the bet wins or loses, you get to play in the next poker tournament for free.

What I like about this promotion is that you can have a low risk bet (for example on the Steelers next Monday), which – if the Steelers win – will pay for your first tournament entry. Any money you collect from the first poker tournament is a bonus, plus you can play in the following Thursday night poker tournament for free – even in the unlikely event that the Steelers lose. It´s win-win-win!

Plenty More Going On at BetOnline Poker

If you´ve not visited BetOnline Poker for a while, and you are interested in the site´s new Money Night Football promotion, there are a couple more things you might want to look out for. The site has recently improved its tournament schedule, plus introduced a Steps Sit & Go Challenge in which players can win $1,000 in cash from a starting entry point of just $1.50.

If you are new to BetOnline Poker, you may also be interested in the site´s 100% bonus on first deposits up to $1,000, and – until the end of September – 5% extra on Bitcoin deposits. The process for registering an account and claiming the first deposit bonus is explained in my BetOnline Poker review, where you will also find information about the standard of play at the site, player security, and customer support.

The new Money Night Football promotion is scheduled to run until the end of the regular NFL season, giving players plenty of opportunities to win cash on the games and in the tournaments. However, as most bettors know, the best time to win money betting on NFL is during the early season games before form lines are fully developed. So don´t delay, visit BetOnline Poker today.

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Jacqueline Packett
Jacqueline Packett