BetOnline Poker Launches Boost Bad Beat Jackpot

Boost Bad Beat JackpotBetOnline Poker´s new Boost Bad Beat Jackpot is likely to increase the volume of action at the site´s lower-stakes fast-fold tables.

One of the primary reasons players take their cash game action to BetOnline Poker is the site´s Bad Beat Jackpot promotion. The promotion has already paid out millions of dollars this year – and not just to players suffering a Bad Beat. One of the best things about the promotion is, when a player loses a pot with a qualifying hand, everybody seated at a Jackpot table shares in the jackpot pool.

Now the site is launching a version of the popular promotion for its fast-fold Boost game. Because most of the fast-fold action takes place at lower stakes tables, the initial jackpot pool is being seeded with just $1,000. However, the threshold for a qualifying hand is being set lower than the regular promotion; and, with a contribution from each raked pot going towards the jackpot pool, there´s no telling how large the pool might grow.

How the Boost Bad Beat Jackpot Works

Unlike the regular promotion that has specially designated Jackpot tables at stakes of $0.50/$1.00 and higher, the Boost Bad Beat jackpot promotion is being run at every Boost table. This will give players whose bankrolls can only support cash games with stakes of $0.05/$0.10 a chance to share in the separate jackpot pool – or win the lion´s share of the jackpot pool if they suffer a qualifying Bad Beat.

In order to suffer a qualifying Bad Beat, a player must have a Full House of Aces over any other pair (or better) beaten at showdown and both hole cards must be included in both the Bad Beat hand and the winning hand. When this sequence of events happens, the progressive jackpot pool will be distributed as follows:

  • 40% of the pool goes to the player suffering the Bad Beat.
  • 20% of the pool is paid to the player winning the hand.
  • 15% of the pool is shared between the other players dealt into the Bad Beat hand.
  • 10% of the pool is shared among players playing at other Boost tables.
  • 15% of the pool is taken to reseed the next Boost Bad Beat Jackpot.

If the pool were to be won today with just its initial pool of $1,000, this means the player suffering the Bad Beat would collect $400, the player winning the hand would receive $200, and the other four players dealt into the hand would get $37.50 each. If there were fifty other players playing at Boost tables at the time, they would receive $2 each – which is not a lot; but as the progressive jackpot pool grows, the prizes will become more valuable.

Changes to the Regular BBJ Promotion also Introduced

In addition to launching a separate Bad Beat Jackpot promotion for Boost players, BetOnline Poker has made two significant changes to its regular promotion. The threshold for a qualifying Bad Beat has been reduced to Quad Deuces (from 1st August), and the distribution of the prize pool has been amended so that players playing at other Bad Beat tables when the Jackpot is hit get a larger share of the pool (the difference coming from a reduction in the administration fee). The distribution is now:

  • 20% to the player suffering the Bad Beat.
  • 15% to the player winning the hand.
  • 5% shared among other players at the table.
  • 5% shared between players at other BBJ tables.
  • 35% goes towards reseeding the next Jackpot pool.
  • 5% administration fee.

With the Bad Beat Jackpot having just been won for the seventh time this year (the last pool was worth $849,000), it´s no wonder so many players take their cash game action to BetOnline Poker. If you would like to join them, read my review of the site which explains how you can take advantage of a 100% bonus on your first deposit up to $1,000 and enjoy a comprehensive online entertainment package with more chances than ever before of winning a share of a Bad Beat Jackpot.

Jacqueline Packett
Jacqueline Packett