BetOnline Poker Running Dual Halloween Week Promotions

Halloween Week at BetOnline PokerBetOnline Poker is getting into the spirit of Halloween this week with two Friday the 13th themed promotions in which you could win thousands of dollars.

If you are of a nervous disposition, and you don´t fancy going out tonight while zombies and ghouls are roaming the streets, one of the best things you can do is close the curtains, fire up your PC, and log into your BetOnline Poker account. However, if you were hoping to be distracted from the horrors taking place outside your front door, you are going to be disappointed.

BetOnline Poker is running two Halloween promotions this week – a “Zombie Hunter” promotion and a “S´NG the 13th” promotion – both of which are themed around the 1980 slasher movie Friday the 13th. Both are pretty decent promotions and, if you like playing knockout tournaments – or you are particularly good at Sit & Go games – this week could be spook-tacularly lucrative for you.

BetOnline Poker´s Zombie Hunter Promotion

The Zombie Hunter promotion is effectively a “who can knock out the most players in a week” competition. In order for your KOs to count, you must eliminate players from BetOnline Poker´s progressive KO Bounty Hunter tournaments, which are easy to find using the filter in the tournament lobby or by hovering your mouse over the symbols alongside each event.

Zombie Hunter
Zombie Hunter – Distribution of Prizes
1 $700
2 $350
3 to 5 $250
6 to 9 $125
10 to 13 $50

For each player you knockout, you will be awarded one point as well as the bounty on the player´s head. Points accumulate on a leaderboard until midnight (ET) on Sunday 4th November, when the top thirteen players will share in the $2,500 prize pool. That´s all there is to it. Your cash prize will be credited to your account immediately, with no rollover requirements before it can be withdrawn.

BetOnline Poker´s S´NG the 13th Promotion

Unlike the Zombie Hunter promotion, the S´NG the 13th promotion is not a leaderboard competition, but more of a personal challenge. The objective is to win thirteen 6-Max Turbo Sit & Go games by midnight (ET) on Sunday. Your wins do not have to be consecutive victories – just thirteen (or more) in total – however they all have to be played at the same buy-in.

If you achieve your objective, you will be rewarded with a cash prize as indicated in the table below. There is nothing to stop you winning more than one cash prize if you play Turbo Sit & Go games at multiple buy-in levels, but you can only win one prize in each level (i.e. you won´t receive two $50 prizes if you win twenty-six Sit & Go games with a buy-in of $7.00).

SNG the 13th
Win 13 Games to Win these Cash Prizes
Buy-In Prize
$1.50 $15.00
$3.50 $30.00
$7.00 $50.00
$15.00 $100.00
$30.00 $200.00
$60.00 $350.00
$100.00 $600.00
$200.00 $1,000.00

Don´t Forget to Visit the Cash Game Tables as Well

As well as taking part in the Zombie Hunter and S´NG the 13th promotions, you should not forget to visit the cash games tables while logged into your BetOnline account. The site´s progressive Bad Beat Jackpot prize pool recently surpassed the million dollar mark and currently stands at $1,168,000, which means that if you are the player suffering the bad beat when the Jackpot is won, you will win almost $205,000.

It is also the last day to take advantage of the Tournament Mania reload bonus (a great way to get free entry tickets for the Bounty Hunter tournaments) if you already have an account at the site, or the last day to take advantage of BetOnline Poker’s first deposit bonus if you want to be included in November 11th´s $10,000 New Player Freeroll. So, plenty of reasons to stay in tonight, avoid the trick or treaters and visit BetOnline Poker instead.

Jacqueline Packett
Jacqueline Packett