BetOnline Poker Running NCAA March Madness Rake Race

BetOnline Poker March MadnessBetOnline Poker is continuing its sports-themed rake races with a new competition this month based on basketball – specifically the NCAA March Madness.

If you have been following what has been going on at BetOnline Poker over the past few months, you will have identified a sporting theme running through the site´s monthly rake races. In January, the theme was football to celebrate the Super Bowl, and last month the theme was poker to celebrate the draft for the Global Poker League.

This month BetOnline Poker is turning its attention to the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Men´s Division 1 Basketball Tournament and celebrating March Madness – the name the glut of games played during March has been branded by CBS Sports – and hosting a seven-tier rake race with no limit on how much a player can win.

How the NCAA March Madness Rake Race Works

Throughout March, BetOnline will award one “Rookie” point for each $1.00 a player contributes to the rake deducted from cash game pots (Fees paid to enter BetOnline Poker tournaments and Sit & Go games do not count in this promotion).

Each time a player has five “Rookie” points, they are exchanged for one “Role Player” points and, when a player has five “Role Player” points, they are exchanged for one “Starter Point”. The progression continues through the seven levels as illustrated below:

For each $1.00 paid in rake One Rookie Point
Five Rookie Points One Role Player Point
Five Role Player Points One Starter Point
Five Starter Points One Super Star Point
Five Super Stars Points One All-Star Point
Three All-Star Points One All-NBA Point
Three All-NBA Points One Hall of Famer Point

Cash value are assigned to each of the top five levels and, at the end of the month, players will find a cash prize in their accounts based on the number of each points they have accumulated.

For each Starter Point Player receives $1.00
For each Super Star Point Player receives $10.00
For each All-Star Point Player Receives $50.00
For each All-NBA Point Player receives $150.00
For each Hall of Famer Point Player receives $500.00

How Much Money Can Each Player Win?

Unlike many rake races, BetOnline Poker´s March Madness is not a race against other players, but against yourself. Each player is rewarded according to their own individual efforts with no limit on how much cash they can collect from the promotion.

Last month´s three big winners were “SWYThink”, “town33” and “TijanaB” – each twice reaching the highest reward level to collect more than $1,000 in free poker money. However, fourth placed “LemonFox” is a better example of how the prize money is distributed.

LemonFox” reached the top level once (for $500.00), the second-highest level twice (for $300.00), the third-highest level twice (for another $100.00), the fourth-highest level three times (for an extra $30.00) and the bottom payout level four times (for another $4.00). Add those individual prizes together and you get a grand total of $934.00.

Sit & Go and Tournament Players Not Left Out in March

Although the primary promotion at BetOnline Poker this month is for cash game players, there are still plenty of potentially lucrative opportunities available for Sit & Go and tournament players. Sit & Go players have a $25,000 three-tier leaderboard competition to take part in which offers the opportunity for micro and low stakes players to bag a prize.

There is also a three-tier MTT leaderboard competition this month that culminates with three “Face Off” freerolls on Sunday April 6th. Furthermore, BetOnline Poker is hosting tournaments with combined guarantees of $80,000 for the firth three weekends this month and, on March 27th, a $50,000 guaranteed tournament is scheduled with a buy-in of $99.00.

You can find out more about the great promotions running at BetOnline Poker, and about our exclusive 200% bonus on first deposits up to $2,500, in our BetOnline Poker review – the most USA friendly poker site in the world.

Jacqueline Packett
Jacqueline Packett