BetOnline Poker´s $1.2 Million Bad Beat Jackpot Won at Last

Bad Beat Jackpot at BetOnline PokerBetOnline Poker´s Bad Beat Jackpot was won for the first time in eight months last weekend, with hundreds of players sharing in the $1.2 million prize pool.

On average, BetOnline Poker´s progressive Bad Beat Jackpot is won every three months. However, before this past weekend, it had been nearly eight months since the Jackpot was last won (it was actually won [geolink href=””]twice in five days[/geolink]), and the prize pool had grown to more than $1.2 million.

Because of the way the promotion is structured, the qualifying criteria for a Bad Beat is reduced the longer a Jackpot remains intact. So, by the weekend, you “only” had to lose a pot with Quad Eights or better in order to qualify for the lion´s share of the prize money.

Consequently, on Saturday night going into Sunday morning, BetOnline Poker´s Jackpot tables were buzzing. Hundreds of players were active at the tables, hoping to be in the right place at the right time. For those that stayed up into the early hours of Sunday morning, it turned out to be a good choice. For two in particular, it will be a session they will never forget.

How the Bad Beat Jackpot was Won

The Jackpot hand occurred around 1:15am (ET) on a $1.00/$2.00 full ring NL Hold´em table. A player with the username “santinhoz” opened the betting from early position with [card 10h][card 10s]. He was raised by the player in the Big Blind – “JC84” – who had been dealt [card ah][card as]. “santinhoz” made the call.

The flop of [card as][card 10d][card 10c] was a dream for both players, giving “santinhoz” Quad Tens and “JC84” a Full House of Aces over Tens. The post-flop betting reflected the strength of the hands, and “JC84” was soon all-in – looking at a big loss unless a one-outer could win him the hand. Incredibly the [card ad] was dealt on the River – giving “JC84” victory in the hand, and activating the Bad Beat Jackpot.

Bad Beat Jackpot - Winning Hand
How the Bad Beat Jackpot Was Won

As a result of the winner´s good fortune, “santinhoz” was compensated for the Bad Beat to the tune of $218,157. “JC84” himself picked up $155,826 for winning the hand, while the other players dealt into the hand each received $24,932. A further $124,661 was distributed between the hundreds of players sitting at BetOnline Poker´s other Jackpot tables, with the remainder going to seed the next prize pool.

A Few Takeaways from the Bad Beat Hand

The first takeaway from the Bad Beat hand is that, if the same hand was played today, it would not qualify for the Bad Beat Jackpot. Once the Jackpot is won, the criteria for the minimum qualifying hand returns to Quad Jacks or better and “santinhoz” lost the hand with Quad Tens.

The second takeaway is that, if you are going to play at the Jackpot tables, don´t sit out. Two seats at the winning table were occupied by players sitting out when the Jackpot was won – disqualifying them from sharing in the prize pool. Had they been dealt into the hand, they would each have received $17,808. Instead, the “active” five players not involved in the hand each got a bonus of $7,124.

The third takeaway from the Bad Beat hand is that – because the Jackpot prize pool had grown to such a huge amount – the new prize pool has been re-seeded with almost $450,000. If the Jackpot was won again today, the player suffering the Bad Beat would collect $78,750. Two Jackpots have been won in the same week before, so there is no reason for history not to repeat itself.

Will You be in the Right Place at the Right Time?

Despite the Bad Beat Jackpot having been won at the weekend, there is still plenty of action taking place at BetOnline´s Jackpot tables. There´s no telling when the progressive Jackpot will be won again and, due to it being re-seeded with such a large proportion of the previous prize pool, the Jackpot will soon be worth more than $½ million. Will you be winning a share of it? Only if you are in the right place at the right time at BetOnline Poker.

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Jacqueline Packett
Jacqueline Packett