Big Event at Texas Poker Open

The Texas Poker Open always gives some live poker players in that state a chance to compete, and there have been four tournaments completed. There wasn’t a ton of action in the first three events, but that all changed for the Main Event that was completed on Monday. 

Despite having similar formats, the first three tournaments had less than 70 total players, and the payouts were extremely low. That wasn’t the case with the Main Event as that tournament was filled with some of the biggest names in poker. 

Ren Lin was able to pick up a massive win at the Main Event, getting past some live poker legends in the process. Before Lin was able to win the biggest prize, three other players cashed in as well. 

Small Pools; Small Prizes

Since there was a small pool of players in each of the first three events, each winner received less than $53,000. Victoria Livschitz was the first to cash in during the Texas Poker Open as she won the first tournament to take home $45,000. 

The other two beginning tournaments were won by two players that have been having a ton of success so far in 2024. Aram Zobian was able to win more than $48,000 by winning Event number 2 at the Texas Poker Open, adding to a massive win total already this season. 

Dan Sepiol was the third winner of the Texas Poker Open, and he claimed a little more than $52,000 for his work. All three of those players were competing in the Main Event as well, but none of them were really a factor in that event. 

Lin Cashes In

First prize at the Main Event was worth $400,000, and each of the top-five finishers were awarded at least six figures in this tournament. Those massive prizes had all of the players pushing hard all weekend long, and it created some incredible poker action. 

Ren Lin came into this tournament with some momentum as he also won the WPT Alpha8 Tournament back in December. That victory earned Lin more than $1 million, and so taking home $400,000 with a first place finish here was not as exciting. 

While there was some great action throughout the entire event, that wasn’t the case when it came time for heads up action. Daniel Moran was competing with Lin in heads up play, but his actions caused the tournament to end after just one hand. 

Moran made an extremely aggressive move in going all-in right away, and he did so despite being pretty close in total chips. Lin nearly had the win wrapped up almost immediately, and it became official when all of the cards were turned up. 

Second place in this event still awarded Moran $275,000, and that meant it was a great weekend of live poker action. Here is a look at the other three players that won at least $100,000:

  • Jonathan Tamayo $180,000
  • Yunkyu Song $133,000
  • Daniel Holmes $103,000

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