Big Event Coming to 888poker

888poker has announced the return of the Spring XL Series, and it’s going to be an event that keeps poker players busy for two full weeks. All of the action is set to kickoff on May 12, and things are going to run throughout the end of the month. 

When it comes to online poker events, few have been able to do it better than 888poker, and the Spring XL Series is a good example of that. There will be more than $2 million in guaranteed money handed out, and these tournaments are going to be open to anyone. 

There will be a total of 86 events taking place over the course of the two weeks, with the 43 numbered events being among the biggest that are offered. $2 million will be up for grabs in the numbered events, but the smaller events will come with great opportunities to cash in as well. 

This is a series that is well known when it comes to online poker players, and there won’t be many surprises that pop up throughout the action. 888poker does come with some unique poker tournaments at times, but there are also some normal events that have a massive payout offered. 

So Many Options

While there are going to be some huge tournaments taking place throughout the series, the Mini Main Event is actually going to be a tournament that stands out. There will be close to 4,000 players that sign up for this event, and that is going to unlock some huge guarantees.

The max buy-in throughout the series is set at just $888.00, but that is also where the biggest payouts are going to come. 888poker is known for having low buy-in amounts in order to increase the number of players in each tournament. 

Flights are going to be used when it comes time for the main event, and that is something that is typically done with other online tournaments. Two flights are expected for the Main Event in this series, but it could be adjusted depending on the number of participants. 

There will also be some pop-up tournaments throughout this event, and those are going to give players a chance to enter into tournaments with a very low buy-in.

888poker Leaving New Jersey

This event from 888poker is going to draw plenty of attention, but the operator recently drew attention for a much different reason. 888 Holdings announced that it was leaving the state of New Jersey after not seeing a ton of success. 

888poker has remained a popular online poker room in that state, but that was really the only medium that was generating much action. 888 Holdings is the latest in a long line of international operators to leave the United States and focus on the top bettors in the UK. 

Even though this is going to be a big blow for the company, it’s not going to hurt the top online poker events that it continues to host.


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