Bodog and Bovada Expansion Good for Ignition Poker Players

Ignition PokerBodog´s expansion into Latin America will likely result in an increased volume of traffic at lower stakes tables and a higher win rate for US players.

Last week, two announcements were made regarding the online gambling giant Bodog. The first concerned the sale of the Bodog Poker Network (not the Bodog brand) to a Hong Kong-based consortium (PayWaingLuo). The Bodog Poker Network consists of Bodog Poker in Canada, Ignition Poker in the USA, and Bodog88 in China and Vietnam.

The second announcement related to an expansion of Bodog and Bovada into Latin America. The expansion started this week with the launch of Bovada Sports and Casino in Mexico. Furthermore Bodog with Casino, Poker and Sports are now available in Brazil, Mexico, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina, Colombia and Venezuela. The sale of the network is unlikely to affect players at Ignition Poker, but the expansion into Latin America will likely result in more players and softer tables.

Expect More Action at Lower Stakes

Although the combined populations of Brazil and Mexico is equal to that of the United States, the level of traffic at Ignition Poker is not expected to double. Citizens in Brazil and Mexico tend to work longer hours and have lower disposable incomes. It is likely players from these two countries will be unable to spend so much time at the tables and, when they do, will have less money to put into the pot.

However, the new Brazilian and Mexican players at Ignition Poker will be unlikely to have the same skill sets as experienced players from the USA. Although online poker has been around in Latin America for as long as it has been in the rest of the world – and both Brazil and Mexico have some very good players – recreational players attracted to Bodog´s Latin American venture will not have the same level of experience, or be familiar with anonymous tables.

Consequently, we expect the expansion into Latin America to result in more action in lower stakes cash games and bigger fields in tournaments with low buy-ins. As cash game players at Ignition Poker are limited to four tables at a time, the increased availability of tables might not be immediately apparent, but the level of skill should be. In tournaments, players with a higher level of skill should see more of a difference on the softer tables – although there is always the risk of more suck-outs.

Want a Share of the Softer Action?

Players – especially low stakes players – who are not already playing at Ignition Poker should undoubtedly take advantage of this opportunity to boost their bankrolls. Ignition Poker is already acknowledged as the softest USA friendly poker site, and now it is about to get softer still. However, if you have never played at the site before, you need to be aware of how the Ignition Poker bonus works.

Although advertised as a $2,000 first deposit bonus, only $1,000 of the bonus is related to poker – the rest is for playing casino games at the site. The poker bonus is cleared by earning Poker Points as you contribute to the rake deducted from cash games or pay a fee to enter an Ignition Poker tournament. However, unlike most sites – where points are awarded as a percentage of the rake – Ignition Poker awards points according to a sliding scale (I elaborate more on this in my [geolink href=””]Ignition Poker review[/geolink]).

The bonus is released on a sliding scale that is weighted so it is easier to clear the earlier stages of the bonus, but it gets tougher at the later stages. It is a pretty good scheme for any player to clear $200.00 of the bonus, beyond that amount you will have to put in some more hours at the tables. Remember that you get thirty days to clear the bonus.

Bonus money aside, there should be plenty of opportunities to enjoy a lucrative experience at Ignition Poker with the expansion of Bodog Poker, and the opportunities are only likely to increase. So, visit Ignition Poker today.

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Jacqueline Packett
Jacqueline Packett