Bovada Poker´s 12 Days of Turbos Starts on Saturday

Bovada Poker´s 12 Days of TurbosPlayers who like action-packed, fast-paced tournaments are in for a treat from Saturday when Bovada Poker´s “12 Days of Turbos” series gets underway.

Players at Bovada Poker are never short of tournament action. In the last few months the site has hosted the [geolink href=””]Super Millions Poker Open[/geolink] and [geolink href=””]Golden Spade Poker Open[/geolink] series, and last weekend it held a special [geolink href=””]Thanksgiving Main Event[/geolink] with a guaranteed prize pool of $250,000. All of this on top of the regular tournament schedule guaranteeing more than $1.5 million in prize money every week.

Now the site is pulling out all the stops to make sure players are not short of action in the run-up to Christmas. Starting on Saturday (December 2), and running all the way through until Wednesday December 13, Bovada Poker will be hosting a fifty-event “12 Days of Turbos” tournament series guaranteeing more than $1 million in prize money. It is a series not to be missed.

Twelve Days of Highlights

The schedule for the “12 Days of Turbos” has been cleverly constructed to make sure there is something for everyone on every day of the series. There is a good mixture of turbo, super-turbo and hyper-turbo tournaments throughout the series, with buy-ins starting at $13.20 and ranging all the way up to the $450.00 buy-in for the $200,000 guaranteed Main Event on Sunday December 10.

Players can chose to compete in deepstack, knockout, ante-up, heads-up or regular tournaments, and there are even a couple of PLO events included in the schedule – just in case the turbo NL Hold´em action isn´t crazy enough for some players. Satellites are already running at Bovada Poker, and the full schedule for the “12 Days of Turbos” can be found on Bovada´s website.

Top Tips for the 12 Days of Turbos

One of the best things about turbo tournaments is that you do not have to allocate a day of your life to play in them. Turbo events can be over in three or four hours – despite some fairly long late registration periods – and therefore they tend to attract a higher proportion of lesser-skilled players. The better prepared you are to exploit their weaknesses, the more likely you will emerge from the 12 days of Turbos with a bigger bankroll than you started with. Here are a few tips to help you achieve that goal:

Start at the Beginning

Although ICM math suggests it is better for a player to start a tournament as late as possible (re-buys excepted), being involved in the start of a tournament gives you the opportunity to play against the weaker players – who are more likely to be eliminated early – and capitalize on their mistakes. It also avoids the late registration scenario in which you get into loads of marginal spots where you are coin-flipping pre-flop.

Be Ready for the Antes

In Turbo tournaments, the antes often kick in much sooner than usual. Lesser-skilled players consider antes to be a small price to pay for being dealt into a hand, but you should be ready for the dead money in the middle of the table and start looking to open more often from late position with a wider range. Remember, stealing one set of blinds and antes during a circuit only keeps you in the same place as when the circuit started.

The Importance of Level Awareness

Because of the shorter levels, you will likely play little more than one circuit during each level of a full-ring Turbo tournaments. This means you will be playing from each position (early, middle, late, button, blinds) just once and you need to be conscious of imminent level changes because, as the blinds and antes increase, your fold equity goes in the other direction – down. It can be profitable to make aggressive moves before each new level begins.

Be Alert to Other Stack Sizes

Most players adopt a shove/fold strategy when their chip stacks are reduced to a certain level. When the money is on the horizon, I tend to leave it until I have 8BBs remaining, but some players start open-pushing with their last 15BBs. Those players tend to have a tighter range, so be aware of them – and players like me who are prepared to take chances with coin-flips on the bubble. Often stack sizes can reveal what type of player you are facing.

Qualify for the 12 Days of Turbos at Bovada Poker Today

Just to remind you, the 12 Days of Turbos gets underway at Bovada Poker ([geolink href=””]review[/geolink]) on Saturday – meaning it will likely be out of most players´ minds until the weekend. Therefore the next couple of days are likely the best times to play in satellites in order to qualify for the feature events cheaply and receive a better return on investment for your dollar.

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Jacqueline Packett
Jacqueline Packett