Carbon Poker Announces Freeroll Fury for All of October

Carbon Poker Announces Freeroll Fury for All of OctoberOnline poker players have always had a fondness for freeroll tournaments in which money can be won without paying an entry fee.

Those players will be in their glory at Carbon Poker for the entire month of October as the U.S.-friendly poker room is hosting daily freeroll tournaments under a promotion aptly named “Freeroll Fury”. Each freeroll tourney offers a prize pool of $500 and the requirement to enter is so miniscule that even the most casual players can qualify easily.

Players need only earn 15 Player Points by competing at either ring games, multi-table tournaments or SitnGos prior to the 20:00 starting time and an entry to the freeroll is assured. To repeat, just 15 points earned on the same day will get you a seat at the $500 freeroll and a shot at grabbing a share of the prize pool –and maybe even the first place prize!

Players who may be wondering how long it takes to earn those 15 Player Points can breathe easy. Just $1 in rake brings you 10 Player Points at Carbon Poker. So a rake of only $1.50 in 20 hours of play gets you a seat at the daily freeroll tournament table. Now that’s a Freeroll Fury!

Tip for Cashing in Freeroll Tournaments

If you’ve ever played in freeroll tournaments before, you know how loose the action tends to be. Players who gain their entry without buying in tend to play quite recklessly considering that none of their hard-earned money is on the line.

So a very worthwhile strategy is to play the opposite! Following a game plan of playing very tightly, meaning only the best of starting hands, can often find you landing in the money and making a deep run in freeroll tournaments.

While the majority of players are playing loose and wild, simply restrain your play and participate in hands that have a high percentage of probability of winning. Once the wild players are eliminated and the tournament advances to higher levels, then you can adjust your play accordingly and perhaps loosen up your own game a bit.

About Carbon Poker

Carbon Poker has been a mainstay in the online poker industry since 2005. The U.S.-friendly poker room operates on the Merge Gaming Network as its flagship skin.

An excellent player loyalty program, a massive 200% up to $5,000 deposit bonus, exciting promotions, and a rookie-dominated player base make Carbon Poker a favorable site for value-seeking online poker players in the U.S. That welcome bonus is the best in the business and smart players know it!

Take a look at our page dedicated to Carbon Poker to learn more and sign up. Don’t miss out on the Freeroll Fury! There is a seat open for you at tonight’s freeroll tournament!

Jacqueline Packett
Jacqueline Packett