Changes to BetOnline´s Sit & Go Leaderboard Challenge

Sit & Go Leaderboard Challenge at Betonline PokerChanges to BetOnline´s Sit & Go Leaderboard Challenge may force players to increase their buy-ins if they want to be competitive in each week´s promotion.

If you have looked at the current tables in BetOnline Poker´s Sit & Go Leaderboard Challenge and thought “Gosh! Those players have got a lot of points for so early in the week”, you might be forgiven for thinking the tables in the Leaderboard Challenge have not been updated since last week´s promotion – but you would be wrong.

BetOnline Poker has made some significant changes to way in which Leaderboard Points are awarded that benefit of players who play at the top of each stake range. Although the changes make it more difficult for players at the bottom of each stake range to win one of the top prizes in the $5,000 weekly competition, good players should move up stake levels anyway as their bankrolls grow in size.

How the Sit & Go Leaderboard Challenge Works (Now)

Each week, BetOnline Poker hosts a Leaderboard Challenge with a total of $5,000 in prize money up for grabs. To give players of all bankroll sizes the opportunity to cash in the promotion, the Challenge is divided into three tiers:

  • Bronze for Sit & Go games with buy-ins of $1.50, $3.00 and $7.00.
  • Silver for Sit & Go games with buy-ins of $15.00, $30.00 and $60.00.
  • Gold for Sit & Go games with buy-ins of $109.00 and $215.00 (all fees included).

The top twenty players in each tier receive a share of the prize money based on their final positions, which are determined by their performance in 6-Max and Full-Ring Sit & Go games (heads-up, double-up and satellite Sit & Go games do not count).

Up until last week, the winner and second in a 6-Max game were awarded 60 Points and 30 Points respectively towards their leaderboard position. The first, second and third players in a Full-Ring game were awarded 100 Points, 50 points and 30 Points respectively. From this week, multipliers are being applied to the leaderboard points won in Sit & Go games based on the buy-ins within each tier:

Bronze Silver Gold
Buy-in Multiplier Buy-in Multiplier Buy-in Multiplier
$1.50 1.00 $15.00 1.00 $109.00 1.00
$3.00 2.05 $30.00 2.05 $215.00 2.00
$7.00 4.90 $60.00 4.20

The consequence of these changes mean a player winning a Full-Ring Sit & Go game with a $7.00 buy-in will be awarded 490 Points towards their leaderboard position. Similarly, a player finishing second in a 6-Max Sit & Go game with a $30.00 buy-in will be awarded 61.50 Points towards their leaderboard position. It is a bit tough on players who win $1.50 buy-in games and $15.00 buy-in games, but at least they can console themselves with their winnings.

A further consequence of these changes is that you can expect to see many more games getting underway at the $7.00 and $60.00 buy-in levels. Evidence extracted from the BetOnline Poker client so far would appear to back this theory up as far as the $7.00 buy-in games are concerned. However this may be because some players are coming down in stake from the $15.00 buy-in Silver tier to be competitive in the Bronze tier.

Update on the Bad Beat Jackpot – It´s Still Growing

Two weeks ago, I reported how the BetOnline Bad Beat Jackpot had reached [geolink href=””]a record high of $678,000[/geolink] due to not having been won since July. Since then it has grown by almost $100,000 to reach a whopping $765,000. Under the new distribution of the Jackpot prize pool, the player who next gets his Quad Jacks or better cracked in a qualifying Bad Beat hand would win $185,625, while everybody else playing at a Jackpot table at the time would share in more than $½million – not a bad touch just before Christmas!

In addition to the Bad Beat Jackpot and the Sit & Go Leaderboard Challenge, there is plenty more going on at BetOnline Poker. Two further leaderboard competitions for cash game players and tournament players pay out $15,000 each week, plus first time depositing players can take advantage of a 200% match first deposit bonus up to $2,500 (please read my [geolink href=””]BetOnline review[/geolink] before attempting to take advantage of this offer).

So, will you be topping the Sit & Go Leaderboard Challenge this week or enjoying a nice touch with the proceeds from your Bad Beat? These opportunities are only available to you when you play at BetOnline Poker.

Jacqueline Packett
Jacqueline Packett