Daniel Negreanu Speaks on US iPoker Legalization Amidst Coronavirus Issue

Over the past few days, the gambling as a whole has been affected by the spread of the Coronavirus. From casinos shutting down to poker events being cancelled, several things are happening all at once. For poker pro Daniel Negreanu, he sees this as a perfect time for the US government to consider legalizing iPoker nationwide.

DAT Poker Podcast

Negreanu made his remarks about online poker during a recent chat with DAT Poker Podcast. The poker pro pointed out that the summer months are not popular for online poker sites. Players are usually outside and enjoying activities but this summer, everyone will be home. People are not going to go out like they normally would due to fear of exposure to the virus.

For Negreanu, he feels the current environment is conducive to the iPoker movement in the US. Lawmakers are being encouraged by the poker pro to reconsider the limitations that are in place via the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) from 2006. With changes, everyone in America could enjoy online poker and given us something to do while staying home.

With the discussion, it brings to light how online poker is not readily available in the US and how there are still restrictions in place that affect gamblers in most states.

Staying Healthy

Formerly a team pro of PokerStars, Negreanu now works with a new poker platform, GGPoker. Because of the spread of the coronavirus and poker being a social game, the poker pro is taking measures to remain healthy. He and his wife are at home and are self-quarantining to stay healthy.

Negreanu has pointed out what medical officials are discussing, which includes social distance. By people staying away from each other and not socializing in large groups, it leads to less potential for the virus to spread.

The poker pro also pointed out that the US should take note of Italy, a country that has 16 million people in quarantine. The best way for the US to avoid a major issue with the coronavirus is to be prepared and stay away from areas where many people gather such as restaurants, casinos, etc.

Online Poker Increase

In states where online poker gaming is legalized, we should see an increase in gameplay as people stay at home. Delaware, New Jersey, Nevada and Pennsylvania are currently the only state where players can enjoy online poker is a legalized setting. For players in these regions, it will not be surprising to see an increase in traffic in larger than expected numbers as people try to find something else to do instead of going out.

Online poker has not been as popular as online casino gaming, but this would be a good time for operators to utilize players being at home and offer special promotions or even tournament options so that more individuals will take part.

Jacqueline Packett
Jacqueline Packett