Don´t Miss the King of Thrones Promotion at BetOnline

king of Thrones at BetOnlineTo celebrate the return of the TV show Game of Thrones, BetOnline Poker is hosting a special “King of Thrones” knockout tournament and leaderboard promotion.

The final season of Game of Thrones is scheduled to start in two weeks time, and BetOnline Poker has not missed the opportunity to capitalize on the popularity of the TV show with its own “King of Thrones” promotion. Now, some players can be cynical about promotions based on popular culture, but this one is definitely worth taking advantage of if you are a regular player at BetOnline Poker.

The promotion consists of four weeks of specially-designated progressive knockout tournaments – tournaments in which, when you knock a player out, you win half the bounty on their head, and the other half is added to the bounty on your own head. On the final Sunday of the promotion three King of Thrones Main Events scheduled, plus there will be a $15,000 leaderboard competition running alongside the promotion.

The King of Thrones Tournament Schedule

The King of Thrones promotion starts tomorrow and runs until Sunday, April 28th. Despite already having a fairly packed schedule of online poker tournaments, BetOnline Poker has squeezed eight progressive knockout tournaments per day into the midweek schedule, with four additional tournaments added to the schedule on Saturdays and Sundays (the final Sunday of the promotion excepted).

BetOnline Poker King of Thrones Tournament Schedule

Start (ET) Buy-In Format Guarantee
12:45 $11.00 4-Max Turbo $500
03:45 $11.00 6-Max $500
06:45 $16.50 8-Max Turbo $750
07:45 $33.00 6-Max $1,500
08:45 $2.20 HU Turbo Boost $100
09:45 $5.50 4-Max $250
10:45 $22.00 6-Max $1,000
11:45 $11.00 8-Max Hyper Turbo $500
12:45 $11.00 8-Max $750
03:45 $11.00 4-Max Turbo $750
06:45 $22.00 6-Max $1,500
10:45 $22.00 8-Max Turbo $1,500
Sundays (except April 28th)
08:45 $2.20 HU Turbo Boost $150
12:45 $11.00 4-Max Turbo $750
03:45 $22.00 6-Max $1,500
10:45 $16.50 8-Max Turbo $1,000

The King of Thrones Leaderboard Competition

BetOnline Poker is running a leaderboard competition alongside the series, and players who score knockouts in the specially-designated King of Thrones tournaments will receive one point towards their position on the leaderboard. The top one hundred players on the leaderboard after the final tournament has ended will win a share of the $15,000 prize money.

As an incentive to play in the “main” King of Thrones Main Event (the second Main Event on Sunday, April 28th with the $55.00 buy-in) each player scoring a knockout will be awarded four points. Therefore, if you perform well in the feature tournament, not only will you win a significant amount of prize money – plus the bounties you will pick up along the way – but also a decent chunk of the prize money up for grabs in the leaderboard competition.

It All Kicks Off Tomorrow at BetOnline Poker

If you want to get an early advantage in the leaderboard competition, don´t forget the specially-designated tournaments start tomorrow at 12:45 pm (ET). If you´re up for a battle, but not yet playing at the site, you can also take advantage of a first deposit bonus up to $1,000 by registering for an account today. Details of this offer and more about the experience you will enjoy when you play at the site can be found in my BetOnline review.

The King of Thrones Main Events

On the final Sunday of the series, there are three Main Events at 1:45, 3:45, and 6:45. The first and third of these differ significantly from the other tournaments in the series inasmuch as there is no prize pool and the only way you can win money is by knocking other players out. Each of the tournaments has a buy-in of $11.00 ($10.00 bounty and $1.00 fee), and when you knock out a player, you get 25% of their bounty, with the remaining 75% being added to the bounty on your head.

By the time each of these tournaments finish, the bounties will be considerable; and, as the winner of each event keeps whatever bounty is on their head, you will win a huge amount if you are the last player standing. I calculate that, if you win the tournament with nine KOs, you should collect around $350 in bounties on other players, and keep the bounty on your own head of $1,450 – depending on the aggressiveness of the players you knock out on the way to claiming the crown.

The second of the Main Events is a $55.00 buy-in progressive knockout tournament with a 50/50 split between the prize money and bounty pool. Like all the tournaments in the King of Thrones promotions, BetOnline Poker is not charging rake on the bounty element, so the distribution of the buy-in is $25.00 towards the prize pool and $2.50 in rake, and you will start the tournament with a bounty of $27.50 on your head. Again, you will keep whatever the bounty is your head if you win the tournament.

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Jacqueline Packett
Jacqueline Packett