Don´t Miss Tomorrow´s Wild Wednesday at Ignition Poker

Wild Wednesday Tournaments at IgnitionTomorrow – November 16 – Ignition Poker is hosting a thirteen-event “Wild Wednesday” tournament series with a total of $250,000 in guaranteed prize pools.

Having recently completed its $3.5 million Golden Spade Poker Open, Ignition Poker is maintaining its efforts to attract tournament players to the site by running a “Wild Wednesday” series of tournaments. The series runs for one day only – tomorrow – and consists of thirteen events with a total of $250,000 in guaranteed prize pools.

Players will likely recognize the schedule and structure of the events, as “Wild Wednesday” was an occasional feature at Bovada Poker. Former Bovada Poker players will also recognize the range of buy-ins (from $5.50 to $270.00) and be pleased to find out that Ignition Poker has kept the $100,000 guaranteed Main Event.

The Wild Wednesday Schedule

The first tournament kicks off at 3:04pm (ET), with further tournaments starting at four minutes past the hour until 7:34pm (ET) when the events start half-hourly. The 7:34pm tournament is likely to be one of the most popular as it is a “Mini Main Event” with a $33.00 buy-in that guarantees a minimum of $30,000 in prize money. There is plenty of variety in the nature of the events, as the schedule below reveals:

Time (ET) Tournament Buy-in Guarantee
3:04pm NLHE Freezeout (10,000 chips) $22.00 $10,000
4:04pm NLHE 50/50 $82.00 $8,000
5:04pm NLHE Freezeout (10,000 chips) $11.00 $8,000
6:04pm PLO “Extra Play” $55.00 $10,000
7:04pm NLHE Freezeout (10,000 chips) $109.00 $25,000
7:34pm NLHE Mini Main Event $33.00 $30,000
8:04pm NLHE Main Event $270.00 $100,000
8:34pm NLHE 6-Max Freezeout $44.00 $12,000
9:04pm NLHE Freezeout (10,000 chips) $7.70 $4,000
9:34pm NLHE Knockout ($25.00) $135.00 $20,000
10:04pm NLHE Heads-Up Event $27.50 $5,000
10:34pm NLHE Turbo Freezeout (10,000 chips) $5.50 $3,000
11:04pm NLHE Hyper-Turbo (50,000 chips) $60.00 $15,000

Players are advised to check out the late registration periods for each tournament (there is no late registration for the heads-up event). A comprehensive satellite schedule is already underway, enabling players with limited bankrolls – or those who like to get a little extra value from valuable events – to qualify for the “Wild Wednesday” tournaments for pennies on the dollar.

More than $2 Million to Play for Each Week at Ignition Poker

Although the “Wild Wednesday” series is a one-off event, tournament players should not make their next visit to Ignition Poker a one-off event. The site hosts online poker tournaments each week with more than $2 million in guaranteed prize pools. The feature event each week is a $100,000 guaranteed event that players can qualify for [geolink href=””]from just $1.00[/geolink].

Furthermore, the tournaments at Ignition Poker are considered to be the softest of any USA friendly poker site. In my [geolink href=””]review of Ignition Poker[/geolink], I comment on how the anonymous tables inhibit the use of poker-tracking software – prompting “serious” players to keep away from the site and creating a level playing field for poker players of all standards.

My review also elaborates on the Ignition Poker bonus, why it is better to fund an account with Bitcoin, and the advantages that Ignition Poker has over its competitors. However, irrespective of whether you agree with my opinion of Ignition Poker, there is one viable reason why you should visit the site soon – tomorrow´s “Wild Wednesday” tournament series.

Jacqueline Packett
Jacqueline Packett