Former Roommates Accuse Poker Pro Fedor Kruse of Cheating

Fedor Kruse is an online poker pro who is currently facing accusations of cheating during high stakes cash games. A TwoPlusTwo forum post popped up over the weekend where two former roommates provide evidence that suggests the cheating is a legit claim.

Details of the Alleged Cheating

Kruse’s former roommates say that he used two computers with his online gameplay to fool mouse-tracking systems. He would play from one computer while a solver was open on the other. When he played a poker hand, Kruse would allegedly pull up a pre-solved spot that applied and the follow the decision making steps to win using game theory.

This is known as real-time assistance (RTA) and is a solver that is completely banned at online poker sties. To help support their claim, the former roommates provided screenshots of conversations with the poker pro as well as photographs that showed the setup of his computers.

The pictures show a station with three computer monitors. One has four tables open, one at Americas Cardroom and three at Natural8. An active hand is taking place at Americas Cardroom and the solver is shown revealing how the hand should be played out. In this image, it is unclear as to who the player is.

In screenshots, it shows a WhatsApp message and the person who is said to be Kruse named YoUtUbE sTaR provides a hand history where he calls with two pair on a four flush board against multiple barrels. This move was made at the $5/$10 NLH tables. The screenname in the hand in question shows GlitchSystem which is the PokerStars ID of Kruse.

If that were not enough info, the forum post also lists images from a conversation on Discord between Kruse and one of his roommates known as Manuel. Kruse tells Manuel that he will be destroyed by regular players if he does not use the ‘dream machine’.

Additional conversations listed in the post show Kruse telling his roommates that he will pay the lower stake zoom games and he promises not to use the machine.

Early Suspicions

Kruse started playing poker around 2015 and was originally suspected of cheating by players from Germany. He was moving through $100NL tables and then started playing $200NL tables. During his move up, observers started to point out that Kruse was making decisions that were ‘solver-approved’. Players were suspicious of him as he played 100 big blinds deep and sed exact bet sizes like a solver would.

As part of the recent accusations, a roommate offered up an excel spreadsheet complete with cash game results when a roommate had a piece of the cation. Back in May, Kruse played in $5,000 buy-in games and ended up earning just over $92,000 and then moved on to play $10,000 games.

Kruse recently played in the WSOP Online Series at GGPoker and even cash in during a bracelet event. He has yet to comment on the accusations from his former roommates. Apparently, he plans on speaking out soon but as of right now, has not.

Jacqueline Packett
Jacqueline Packett