Friday Fun in the Playpen Today at Americas Cardroom

The Playpen at ACRAmericas Cardroom is hosting five Cage-style “Playpen” games today, giving low-stakes players the opportunity to experience to buzz of nosebleed action.

Americas Cardroom´s “Cage” is a five-hour, high stakes NL Hold´em cash game in which the blinds increase every hour. Once players enter the Cage, there is no way out without busting. Only players with chips in front of them at the end of the fifth level leave the Cage with anything to show for their efforts.

The Cage is played every Wednesday at Americas Cardroom and during special tournament series. Typically the buy-in is $1,000 or $5,000 and – due to the opportunities to qualify through the Beast and Sit & Crush Sunday tournaments – the Cage currently attracts up to forty players each week.

Despite the qualifying opportunities, the buy-ins for Cage events are out of reach for most players. Consequently Americas Cardroom is hosting a “Cage-lite” version of the game – the Playpen – in which players can experience the thrill of the Cage for just $10.00 (plus a $0.50 fee).

How the Playpen Works

For their $10.00 buy-in, players receive 1,000 chips. The chips have a cash value of $0.01 each and will be converted back into cash at the end of the game. Therefore, if you survive the Playpen and have 5,000 chips at the end of the game, your account will be credited with $50.00.

The Playpen has a similar – although much shorter – structure to the Cage. Only four levels are player, each lasting 13 minutes, with the blinds increasing as follows:

  • Level 1: Blinds 5/10, Ante 1.
  • Level 2: Blinds 10/20, Ante 2.
  • Level 3: Blinds 15/30, Ante 3.
  • Level 4: Blinds 25/60, Ante 5.

The game is played in 6-Max format, and players taking too long over their action will be forced to miss a circuit of the button (while still paying their blinds and antes). Although only costing $10.00 to enter, the action in the Playpen is fairly tense and there is no place to hide if you are not playing well.

Five Playpen Games Today at ACR

The Playpen forms part of Americas Cardroom´s new Friday Fun tournament schedule. As well as Playpen events starting today at 3:00pm, 5:00pm, 7:00pm, 9:00pm and 11:00pm (all times ET), the site is hosting five more valuable tournaments with low buy-ins:

Start (ET) Event Buy-In Guarantee
2:00pm 5 Hours Late Registration $10.50 $10,000
4:00pm Final Table Experience $22.00 $1,000
7:10pm Friday Fun 6-Max $5.50 $1,000
7:45pm Re-Buy & Add-On $0.82 $500
10:15pm PLO Mega-Stack Turbo $2.20 $400

If you are around at 4:00pm, the Final Table Experience is well worth playing. For the $22.00 buy-in, you receive a starting stack of 1 million chips. Blinds start at 10,000/20,000 with a 1,000 chip ante, and increase every ten minutes. Late registration is only open for an hour, by which time the blinds have risen to 40,000/80,000 with a 4,000 chip ante.

Will You Survive the Playpen at Americas Cardroom?

The Playpen and other Friday Fun events are a good indication of the range of events hosted by [geolink href=””]Americas Cardroom[/geolink] every day of the week. Although the headlines are often dominated by the site´s [geolink href=””]Million Dollar Sunday[/geolink] events, low stakes players can also have an enjoyable and potentially lucrative experience.

It is partly due to the site´s wide range of opportunities that Americas Cardroom has risen to be the [geolink href=””]fifth most popular destination[/geolink] for online poker players from all over the world. If you would like to find out why the site continues to grow, while traffic on most other sites continues to fall, visit Americas Cardroom today.

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Jacqueline Packett
Jacqueline Packett