Get Ready for a New Unlimited Cash Race at BetOnline

Unlimited Cash RacePlayers looking for the best online poker promotions in July should look no further than the “Unlimited Cash Race” promotion being hosted at BetOnline Poker.

BetOnline Poker is the leading skin on the growing Chico Network – a network that accepts players from all over the US in addition to the rest of the world. Known for its soft player pool and exceptionally generous [geolink href=””]first deposit bonus[/geolink], BetOnline Poker also hosts an “Unlimited Cash Race” promotion every month.

July is likely to be a very lucrative month for players who take part in the promotion. Not only are there five weekends during July – giving recreational players the opportunity to spend more time at the tables – but the first of those weekends has an extra poker-playing day available due to the Independence Day holiday.

Consequently, we suspect that there will be a flood of players heading to BetOnline Poker this weekend – resulting in more tables being open and giving players the opportunity to make a strong start to this month´s “Unlimited Cash Race”.

How the Unlimited Cash Race Promotion Works

The concept of the promotion is very simple. Players receive a Green Chip for each $1.00 they contribute to the rake deducted from cash game pots. Once a player has five Green Chips, they are exchanged for a Yellow Chip. Five Yellow Chips make a Red Chip, and five Red Chips make a Blue Chip.

The sequence continues through Black, Gold and Titanium Chips with the exception that players only need three Black Chips to make a Gold Chip and three Gold Chips to make a Titanium Chip. The chips (from Red upwards) are assigned a value as follows:

  • Red Chip = $1.00
  • Blue Chip = $10.00
  • Black Chip = $50.00
  • Gold Chip = $150.00
  • Titanium Chip $500.00

At the end of the month, the value of the chips is added up and players get cash paid straight into their accounts. The only thing that players have to do to benefit from the promotion is opt in through the BetOnline Poker promotions page or poker client, and then play poker. Provided that you have one Red Chip by the end of July, you will cash in the promotion.

How Much Unlimited Cash Can I Get?

As the title of the promotion implies, there is no limit to how much money a player can make from this promotion. However, in order to give an indication of the sort of prizes that get paid out, we have had a look at the June cash race leaderboard.

Bearing in mind that there was only four weekends in June, the top six players have already collected a Titanium Chip and we strongly suspect three more players will by the end of the day. The player heading the leaderboard is “allucan3at”. He or she has 1 Titanium Chip ($500), 2 Gold Chips ($300) and 2 Red Chips ($2.00) for a running total of $802.00.

More than eighty player have reached Gold Chip level, and more than two hundred players have at least one Black Chip – all the time collecting POP Points towards clearing the BetOnline Poker bonus or that can be used in any of BetOnline´s POP promotions.

Don´t Miss the Start of the July Unlimited Cash Race

The July Unlimited Cash Race starts at 0.01am (ET) tomorrow morning at BetOnline Poker. If you do not already have an account with the site – and want to give the promotion your best shot – it would be a good idea to sign up today and fund your account (but wait until tomorrow to opt into the promotion!).

New players using the BetOnline Poker bonus code “[bonuscode room=”betonlinepoker”][/bonuscode]” will get an enhanced first deposit bonus of 200% up to $2,500 (more than is advertised on the BetOnline website) and an incredibly long time to clear it (120 days) -meaning that you could be cashing in July´s Unlimited Cash Race, and those that will take place during August, September and October!

Jacqueline Packett
Jacqueline Packett