GGMasters Sees Fourth Week of Consecutive Growth

Online poker has seen a huge jump in traffic lately due to the coronavirus pandemic. Players are logging online while they are situated at home in order to have access to entertainment. At GGPoker, the brand has provided the GGMasters each week, offering a ton of value with large cash prizes. This past Sunday was the fourth week running that the brand saw the number of players increase as well as prize money. The most recent event created the largest prize pool ever offered by the brand.

GGMasters Reaches New Heights

The GGMasters on Sunday saw a whopping 4,262 players competing. The event is a $150 freezeout tournament and with so many players competing, it created a prize pool of almost $590,000! This is the largest total prize pool the brand has ever recorded since launching January of this year.

This is the fourth week in a row that the tournament covered the guaranteed prize pool and it marks yet another time when the site saw an increase in the guaranteed prize pool. In just a few months since launching, GGPoker has become a top option for players looking for quality online poker gaming.

A Look Back

If you take a step back and look at the GGMasters, the numbers are truly staggering. Since the GGMasters started on January 5th, the event has taken place 22 times. Of that number, 15 were short of the guaranteed prize money. Most of the overlays took place from January to April. The operator began to increase the guaranteed prize pool week after week in an effort to grow the event.

The guarantee began at $250,000 and then began averaging around $400,000 each week. As of right now, almost $9 million in prize money has been paid to players of the GGMasters. This is a staggering amount to consider, especially since the operator is new to the market. The operator has provided almost $500,000 from their own funds in order to get the ball rolling on this event.

In the most recent GGMasters, of the 4,262 players who competing, 683 earned a payday. The players shared the $588,186 in prize money. The top two players decided to cut a deal and were able to secure $70,000 each.

Because of their success, it does not seem like GGPoker will be slowing down any time soon. The brand has been able to build a quality poker tournament that players look forward to each Sunday. With the current state of affairs involving the coronavirus, there does not seem to be any indication that players will be going out and about as they would normally, so we expect the traffic to continue to stay the same or possibly increase during the GGMasters each week.

We shall stay tuned and see what happens this week and the weeks ahead as GGPoker continues with the GGMasters. It would not be surprising to see the event continue and even grow from here.

Jacqueline Packett
Jacqueline Packett