GGPoker Announces new SnapCam Feature

If you have ever played online poker, then you know that it has its highs and lows. You can get an amazing adrenaline rush when bluffing a big hand or scoring a win with a top hand. You can also get really frustrated and want to scream if you lose to a bad beat. When you play live poker, your opponents can see your reactions and there can be teasing or silliness that can occur at the felt. In online poker, you don’t get to see how your opponents feel about losing or winning a hand. To allow some type of visual response in online poker, GGPoker has launched a new feature called SnapCam. Players can use this feature to show other players their reactions to hands.

Shooting a Short Video

With SnapCam, players on the GGPoker network can create a short 15-second video that will appear at the table for all players you are competing against can see. This new feature will create interesting gameplay as players will be able to react based on what happens and let fellow players know what’s up.

The feature can be used on Windows PC right now, with the SnapCam feature found in the GGPoker Desktop Client. The brand has plans to launch the feature on MacOSX as well as mobile in the future. The feature has the ability to show four separate videos on one table at a time. If more than four players try to show a video reaction, then the content is queued and displayed in order.

If you are not into the SnapCam idea or the players you are competing against are annoying, you can mute the feature. If you mute your chat, then you will not be able to see the content. You can also choose to block a specific player’s footage from displaying.

Online Series Action

GGPoker has been busy creating new features as well as offering serious online poker gaming. Over the past few weeks, GGPoker has featured WSOP Online Series gold bracelet events, allowing international players to compete for gold for the very first time online.

So far, 17 gold bracelet events have come to an end and GGPoker has handed almost $40 million in prize money to players. This is an amazing amount of cash and the series has many more events to offer. Overall, GGPoker will be providing 54 gold bracelet events. They are not even half way through and have already reached a massive amount of cash.

One of the standout events of the GGPoker series was Event #38, the Millionaire Maker. This tournament had a $5 million guarantee and a buy-in of $1,500. A total of 6,299 players competed in the event and the tournament managed to build a prize pool of $8.9 million! Way over the initial guaranteed prize amount!

The GGPoker Online Series from the WSOP has been so successful and it should continue to see a great turnout from here on out. We will stay tuned to the series as well as any other changes to GGPoker and report on them as they happen.

Jacqueline Packett
Jacqueline Packett