GGPoker Announces New Spring Festival Schedule

Over the years, as every new season starts, online poker sites provide new and exciting gaming options. It might be a poker tournament, promotion, or special series, but something is coming from most every top provider. With spring just beginning, we have already started to see announcements from poker rooms detailing upcoming events. GGPoker is planning on hosting a huge Spring Festival, complete with various stages, and a huge $100 million on total guaranteed prize money.

Details of the Upcoming Festival

The Spring Festival will take place at GGPoker from April 4-25. Players will find each week, there is a new stage taking place. During each stage, there are tournament events. Special events will be highlighted each week, offering huge prize money and affordable buy-ins.

Week one includes the Opening Stage. Here, players can take part in the Opening Act events. There will be one event for no-limit hold’em fans and another for pot limit Omaha no limit players. the NLHE event has a $1 million guaranteed prize pool. The Omaha event has a $500,000 total. Both events cost $80 to enter.

Week two includes the Headliner Stage. During this week, players can take part in the Super MILLION$ and two Headliner events. The Super MILLION$ is a no-limit hold’em event that has a huge $10 million prize pool. The buy-in to this event is pretty hefty, at $10,300.

For the headliners, there are two options. One features no-limit hold’em and the other pot limit Omaha no limit. The NLHE event has a prize pool of $2.5 million while the Omaha event has $1 million up for grabs. Pay $400 to compete in either event.

For Week three, the online poker room will offer up two Main Events. The first is the no-limit hold’em tournament, featuring a $1,500 buy-in. This event has a huge $10 million prize pool. The second Main Event is a pot limit Omaha no limit event with a $2 million prize pool. Take part in this event for $1,500.

The series will be setup with 110 total events. Each event will have three different buy-in levels so that players of every bankroll can take part. Find Low, Medium, and High events on the full schedule at GGPoker. The site is also hosting a $100,000 welcome freeroll where players can compete with top poker pros.

Leaderboard Options

Like many online poker tournament series, the GGPoker Spring Festival will feature leaderboard competitions. There is a leaderboard for all three weeks of the competition. Take part in Low, Medium, or High events to earn points.

Each week, there will be a High, Medium, and Low board offered. Players will be placed on the board based on which events they compete in and the points earned. At the end of the week, prizes are awarded based on the leaderboard position.

Find all you need to know about the Spring Festival at GGPoker. The schedule as well as more information on the leaderboard competition can be found under the Tournaments section of the site.

Conor Stack
Conor Stack

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