GGPoker Changes Up Loyalty Program with New Black Ranks

The reward program of any online poker site is a must for players. Those who take part in regular cash games and/or tournament options seek out platforms that offer solid incentives for players. GGpoker has quickly taken over as a go-to spot for online poker gaming, having hosted several big tournament series over the past few months plus special gaming options. Just recently, the brand decided to change their loyalty program, mixing things up with Fish Buffet to include new Black ranks and offer fixed cashback on a weekly basis.

New Black Ranks

The new ranks have been added to the program as part of an expansion of the previous reward system. With this new set, players can earn a flat cashback deal plus weekly payouts. The new ranks start at Black Fish and offer a 20% cashback rate. As the levels go up, players can earn more. The top Black rank is Black Shark, which pays out 60% flat cashback. The ranks are good for one year and require points to reach and maintain.

Rankings at GGPoker are based on Fish Points, also known as FPs. Players earn FPs when they play real money poker or casino games at the site. Right now, players can earn 100 points for every $1 generated via rake. This is an average of how points are earned. Depending on how you play, you can earn more or less in points per $1 of rake.

There is also a Player Value Index to consider. This option looks at players based on certain factors like net withdrawals and playing style among other variables. This value can range from 0 to 2.

For the lowest black tier, Black Fish, there is no requirement to renew. This level provides $1 per 500 FPs.  The rakeback deal per week is 20%. The second level is Black Octopus. This level requires 750,000 FPs and has a 35% rakeback. Players can earn $1 per 285 FPs.

Black Whale is the next level and it requires 1,750,000 FPs to renew. This level offers a 50% cashback rate and pays out $1 per 200 FPs. The highest tier as mentioned is Black Shark. It has a 5 million FP requirement to renew. It has a 60% cashback rate and provides $1 per 167 FPs.

Old Program

In the past, the Fish Buffet offered 50% rakeback on the high end. Players started at the Plankton level and moved up with Shark being the highest option. The levels needed to be completed based on time frame, starting at 24 hours and going as long as 30 days.

Once a level was completed by earning enough points, players would earn prizes after spinning a wheel. The randomization aspect can still apply, but only if players choose to use it. Members can simply choose to get the flat cashback to make it less of a guessing game.

Overall, the Fish Buffet now has 24 total levels. Each one has a different FP and time limit requirement to access. Check out the changes today by visiting GGPoker to learn more.

Jacqueline Packett
Jacqueline Packett