GGPoker Decides to Open Site Back Up to Banned Players

Not long ago, it was made known via several news reports that GGPoker had banned players for earning too much money and disrupting the ecology of the poker site. Now, it seems the operator has had a change of heart. They are accepting applications for those who wish to be reinstated, just in time to compete in the current WSOP series. Of course, GGPoker denied that they banned players for earning big bucks and banned them for other reasons like seeking out losing players. Either way, amateurs may see the previously banned pros soon if GGPoker approves their application for reinstatement.

Apply Now

When news stories began circling about the player bannings, ambassador for GGPoker, Fedor Holz, denied the claims. He says winning players were not targeted and banned. They were instead banned for targeting losing players to earn a profit and for other reasons.

Now, the site is allowing those who want to be allowed to return, to apply for reinstatement. Banned players from GGPoker have until September 5 to apply. The application needs to include certain details such as the previous screen name of the player, the date they were banned, passport name and a copay of an ID that is government issued.

Once the application is reviewed and approved, the account is reinstated and will include the player’s real name. The site is not guaranteeing that players will be reinstated once an application is sent in.

Let’s Talk About Pros

So, while talking about the reinstatement efforts, GGPoker also discussed professional players and how they are welcome at the site. Some are going to be allowed to play, while others will not. In a statement to the public, GGPoker announced which types of pros are accepted.

Pros are grouped in categories known as Good, Regular and Bad. Pros who are placed in the Bad category will not be playing at GGPoker. The site considers a bad pro to be someone who focuses on creating an unfair advantage over opponents. They also exploit perceived weaknesses. The definition points out that such players use bum-hunting, data mining, advanced charts and other tools.

Players who are considered regular pros are those who study their game, work to improve and ‘crush the field’. GGPoker says a regular pros is someone who is allowed to play at the site as long as they follow the terms and conditions.

The term Good is used to describe pros who are contributing to the growth of the poker market. This would be players who are social media influencers, vloggers and streamers. These people are able to attract other players to the game.

Basically, GGPoker does not have plans to ban players at all unless they are cheaters, practice bum-hunting (looking for lesser players) or use solvers.

It will be interesting to see just how many players the brand allows back to their site after banning them from participating. Will players want back in after that type of treatment? Only time will tell and we may never know, unless the players decide to provide that information to the public.

Jacqueline Packett
Jacqueline Packett