GGPoker Launches New Battle Royale SNG Survival Variant

The Sit & Go game just got a little bit more exciting at GGPoker. The online poker room recently announced a new Battle Royale Sit & Go Survival variant that is going to change the way you play SNGs. The 100-man variant is a new option at GGPoker that has four buy-in levels. The stakes are low but the action is fierce, as 100 players work to stay at the virtual felt through three elimination stages.

Battle Royale Details

The new format brings out the best concepts in several games to create a high action gaming option. The design of the new option is intriguing and it has a battle royale video game style look. The face of the game is none other than Dan Bilzerian, a controversial poker player who can be seen gun in hand for the promo pics.

GGPoker says the new option is an hour-long battle that is fierce with a no-limit hold’em format. The entire SNG takes place in progressive knockout format. Half of the buy-in is provided to the player’s bounty. When a player is knocked out, the opponent doing the eliminating earns the bounty amount.

Buy-ins start at $0.25 for the SNG option and then come in at $1, $3, and $10. Each of the options is affordable, allowing players to choose the lower or higher range of buy-ins. The first two stages have a 15 minute time limit.

The first stage is a fast-fold pool. By the end of the stage, only 50 players will remain. The second stage is a shootout round where all-in mode is executed if the time limit is exceeded. The final round is the final table. A regular knockout round will be offered with a chess clock set for five minutes.

Each player at the final table will earn a piece of the prize pool available.

Break It Down A Bit More

When you enter the first stage, the 100 players are separated into tables of six players. Fast-fold is implemented, so if you fold, you move to another table. In stage two, players are seated at a table and the one left standing at each table moves on to the final table.

The final table consists of 10 players. Each of these players will have a bounty on their head from the beginning of the SNG. The prize pool is set before hand but it can increase based on player eliminations from the first stage.

If you want a shot at winning the largest prizes, then the $3 and $10 games are what you want to play. The $3 game offers a $31 prize for first and second place. With the $10 game, players earn $105.65 for first and second place.

It will be interesting to see how popular this format is with players. Will it catch on? Or are the limits too low to garner any interest. The limits under $10 do not pay very well and each SNG takes one hour to complete. Players might feel they are betting off sticking with cash games or just playing the Battle Royale option every now and then.

Conor Stack
Conor Stack

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