GGPoker Provides Refunds to over 4,000 Players After Recent RTA Bans

Details involving Real-Time Assistance and poker platform GGPoker emerged last week via a blog post by the brand. In the post, the poker room announced that a total of 40 players were banned for using Real-Time Assistance (RTA) when playing at their online poker tables. For 13 of those accounts, the funds were confiscated. The amount came to just over $1.1 million. The remaining announces were banned but the funds were not removed.

Detailing the RTA Ban and Refunding Players

In the post, GGPoker discussed how there will always be players who are deceitful and try to cheat at the game, stealing from other players. Because of this, the brand’s security team continues to work hard to detect, protect and maintain their platform. The site has a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to RTA.

In the blog, GGPoker did not discuss player reimbursements, but reports started surfacing after players were paid. News site Pokerfuse was able to speak to a source who said the process of reimbursement is finished and all players who were affected by the players using RTA were compensated.

In total, 4,329 players were paid by GGPoker. How much was received per player is unknown, unless players provided details themselves. Funds were said to have been distributed this past weekend. Players affected were provided an email from GGPoker that was titled Network Security-Compensation.

In the email, it said that the players account was credited x-amount of money as part of the compensation process based on confiscated funds due to a break in provision 4 of their RTA Security & Ecology Agreement.

The site did not disclose to players how much was confiscated or distributed, they said that the payments were made in a manner that was fair to everyone involved. Some players have reported on social media receiving just $25 to $50, while others reportedly were given $1,500.

In an effort to help players avoid such issues with players who are exhibiting suspicious behavior, GGPoker is offering a new reporting system. Players of the platform can use the community-focused option to ensure that players who are acting suspiciously are reported on quickly and action taken.

Players can use Pokercraft to do so, the built-in tracking tool of GGPoker, or the Hand History page. This new option allows players to report players in real-time, as gaming is taking place. By using the tool, players can submit a report as they play and it helps the platform to act in a much quicker fashion than before.

The information from the game taking place at the time can also be used to give the site context as to what the alleged suspicious activity was based on the hands that took place. With this option, GGPoker has yet another way to protect players from those who wish to play with RTA and other banned poker tools.

It will be interesting to see if the tool will cause even more players to be banned and funds confiscated from the site due to banned behavior.

Jacqueline Packett
Jacqueline Packett