GGPoker Releases New Three-Handed Jackpot Sit & Go Spin & Gold Game Format

Online poker players will be excited to find that GGPoker has announced a new gaming format within their poker client. Fans of Jackpot Sit & Go’s now have access to Spin & Gold, a three-handed option that offers players a way to win up to 12,000 the buy-in with SNG gaming! The option is live and players can easily enjoy an enhanced gaming experience via the ability to squeeze the river card and up the tension against competitors.

Squeezing the River Card

The ability to squeeze the river card is an added option on top of the introduction of ht eSpin & Gold games. GGPoker stated that when it comes to the river squeeze, the favorite in the hand as well as the underdog with outs remaining will be able to countdown to start the river squeeze feature. The favorite of the hand will have eight seconds to decide on what to do while the underdog has a bit more time with ten seconds of deliberation.

Players can activate the squeeze option only during Hold’em, Rush & Cash, Omaha and Chinese Hold’em when the post has over 100 big blinds. When it comes to Short Deck, players will need to have a pot with over 100 antes and in tournaments as well as the Spin & Gold format, an all-in situation is required with one player having a stack of 0 to implement the feature.

Special Challenges for Spin & Gold

With the new release of Spin & Gold, players can take part in special challenges. The challenges are referred to as mining gold. Players can start a challenge by clicking with the mouse and answering a question as to how long you will be playing. Players can choose from one hour, two hours, three hours, five hours or eight hours.

Once you choose, another screen will load, and you will be able to choose a challenge out of six options. The difficulty increases when it comes to the number of Spin & Gold tournaments needed to mine the gold in the challenge.

With the challenges, players can mind gold to earn cash rewards. The amount of gold mined will dictate how much in cash rewards are earned. Gold is earned at varying rates based on the tournament by-in and the finishing position. The higher the buy-in, the more gold players can win based on finishing in first, second or third place.

For example, a Spin & Gold tournament with a $50 buy-in will provide 750 gold for first while second place earns 500 gold. Third place earns 250 gold. As the gold is collected, players can earn cash rewards which can then be used for gameplay.

These two new options are just a short sampling of the changes made by GGPoker. Check out the river squeeze and Spin & Gold options by logging in to GGPoker today.

Jacqueline Packett
Jacqueline Packett