Have You Cashed Yet in Intertops Poker’s FPP Race?

FPP Race at Intertops PokerIntertops Poker is hosting a promotion in which players are being offered the chance to enhance their bankrolls by collecting Frequent Player Points. There is $4,000 up for grabs each week, with the top one hundred players sharing in the prize pool – making it pretty difficult not to win anything at all.

If you play at Intertops Poker, you will be aware the site uses the “dealt-rake” method of distributing Frequent Player Points (FPPs) – the points used for clearing bonuses, improving your “Loyalty Level”, and earning Gold Chips that can be exchanged for cash, tournament entries and no-deposit bonuses. What you may not be aware of is that Intertops Poker is running easy-to-cash-in “weekly” FPP races.

Intertops Poker´s FPP races run from the 1st to 7th, 8th to 14th, 15th to 21st and 22nd to 28th of every month. The top one hundred players share a prize pool of $4,000; and, as players at the bottom of recent leaderboards have collected cash prizes with little more than 500 FPPs, you will not have to spend a great deal of time at the tables in order to enhance your bankroll.

How the Dealt-Rake Point Distribution System Works

When you play real money cash games at Intertops Poker, everybody dealt into the hand receives FPPs regardless of their contribution to the pot. FPPs are awarded at the rate of one point per dollar raked; so, provided rake is deducted from the pot (Intertops Poker operates a “no flop, no drop” policy), every player is awarded FPPs whether they folded their cards or played the hand to showdown.

In real money tournaments and Sit & Go games, seven points are awarded for each dollar paid as an entry fee. Therefore, if you bought directly into last week´s Independence Day tournament that had a buy-in of $35.00 and an entry fee of $3.50, you will have been awarded 24.50 FPPs. If you played this tournament and at a couple of cash game tables simultaneously, you could have easily collected a hundred or more FPPs within a couple of hours.

The Prize Distribution for Intertops Poker´s FPP Race

The more time you spend playing at Intertops Poker, the higher a position you will reach in each FFP race – and it can be worth putting in a few extra hours due to the incremental nature of prize distribution. You will typically need 1,000 FPPs to break into the Top 40 on the leaderboard (prize value around $25.00), and 1,500 FPPs to reach the Top 20 spots (prize value around $45.00), after which the competition gets serious.

With more than half of the total prize money shared among the Top 10 players on the FPP leaderboard, it is a case of only dedicated grinders need apply. As the results from last week´s FPP race demonstrate, you will need to put in a significant effort if you are going to take down one of the top prizes:

Intertops Poker FPP Race – 1st to 7th July 2018

Place Prize Player FPPs
1 $420 pokehim 5,168.60
2 $350 barut8778 4,236.03
3 $310 iFsh2Much2 3,958.58
4 $280 N-R-G 3,663.82
5 $230 elmer1 3,614.60
6 $190 Kashk1 3,165.90
7 $145 DArklol66 3,097.06
8 $120 dakota_472 2,834.65
9 $98 JustBeeCool 2,458.93
10 $75 boko55 2,286.12

FPPs Also Contribute Towards Clearing First Deposit and No Deposit Bonuses

It is worth repeating that the FPPs collected in pursuit of a high leaderboard position also contribute towards clearing first deposit and no deposit bonuses. Intertops Poker has one of the best first deposit bonus offers among USA-friendly poker sites (which you can read about in my Intertops Poker review here) and whether you take advantage of this offer or exchange your Gold Chips for a no deposit bonus, both bonus types are cleared in the same way.

Bonuses are released in increments of $5.00 each time you collect 83.335 FFPs. Therefore, had the winner of last week´s FPP race been clearing a bonus, he (or she) will have released $310 into their account in addition to the $420 prize for winning the leaderboard competition. Even players at the bottom of the leaderboard will have released $25 of any outstanding bonus; and, as Intertops Poker gives you three months to clear each bonus, there is no rush to meet the clearing requirements – allowing you to enhance your bankroll at your own pace.

Jacqueline Packett
Jacqueline Packett