Heads Will Roll in Intertops´ Bastille Bounty Event

$300 GTD Bastille Bounty at IntertopsOn July 14th 1789, citizens of Paris stormed the Bastille – a fortress-prison used for storing weaponry and gunpowder, and for holding political prisoners without charge. The event is considered to be one of the triggers for the French Revolution and is commemorated each year as “la Fete Nationale” or “Bastille Day”.

The French Revolution had multiple triggers, but none more iconic than the storming of the Bastille, when citizens of Paris – fed up with years of social inequality, and resentful of the privileges enjoyed by the aristocracy and the church – took control of the fortress-prison in order to arm themselves against foreign mercenaries allegedly attempting to shut down the people´s National Constituent Assembly.

The event triggered ten years of bloody civil war and the execution of tens of thousands of civilians – ranging from the aristocracy to suspected enemies of the revolution. It ended when Napoleon Bonaparte led a coup against the executive council that had taken charge of France and set up the First Empire – setting the stage for an era in French History known as the Napoleonic Wars.

The French Revolution is regarded by some historians as one of the most important events in human history. Due to French colonialization in the years that preceded it, the effects of the Revolution were felt from the Middle East to the Caribbean as absolute monarchies were replaced throughout much of the western world by republics and liberal democracies.

Bastille Day Celebrated at Intertops Poker

Bastille Day is commemorated each July 14th around the world; with some of the biggest celebrations outside of France taking place across the United States. Over fifty U.S. cities will host events this year, attracting tens of thousands of partygoers with French food, French wine and renditions of the French national anthem “La Marseillaise”.

The significance of the day has not been lost on Intertops Poker, who will be hosting a special Bastille Day tournament this coming Saturday at 7:10pm (EDT). With more than a passing nod to the revolutionaries´ favorite tool for executing the aristocracy – the guillotine – the tournament is a knockout event, with each player having a dollar bounty on their head.

The buy-in for the Bastille Day tournament is just $5.50 including the bounty, and Intertops Poker is guaranteeing a $300 prize pool. The site is also hosting three “Wild West Shootouts” prior to the event (at 10:00am, 1:00pm and 4:00pm ET) with buy-ins of just $0.33, and each Shootout guaranteeing three seats for the target event. Don´t miss it. There will be heads rolling at Intertops Poker on Saturday!

Intertops Boosts its Tournament Schedule with Honolulu Brunch

A couple of months ago, Intertops Poker (review) added a second weekday Sundowner tournament to its schedule in order to cater for players on the Pacific coast. The site has now further boosted its tournament schedule by adding a Honolulu Brunch event from Monday to Saturday at 5:05pm ET (the name comes from the local time in Honolulu being 11:05am).

For a $16.50 buy-in tournament with a relatively early start time, the $1,000 guaranteed prize pool is quite attractive. Admittedly the event has a re-buy and add-on structure to help fund the prize pool, but it should still be a popular event – especially as it starts at a time when many European players will still be active on the site (5:05pm ET is 10:05pm in London and 11:05pm in Paris).

The site has also recently extended its freeroll tournament schedule. There are now four $25 freeroll tournaments running each weekday, with two $50 and three $100 freeroll tournaments each Saturday and Sunday. These represent a good opportunity to boost your bankroll as the tournaments have a very shallow payout structure; so, if you cash in any of the events, the winnings will be worth having.

Jacqueline Packett
Jacqueline Packett