High Stakes Poker to Be Back In Action After Poker Central Acquisition

For years, poker fans had access to quality gaming content thanks to the popular show known as High Stakes Poker. Bringing the best of the best to the felt, fans got to know the personalities of their favorite players and watch as major hands went down. The Game Show Network broadcast the show beginning in 2006 but five years later, it was no more. Now, High Stakes Poker is making a comeback thanks to the brand being obtained by Poker Central.

Back in Action

Poker Central has acquired not only the High Stakes Poker brand but also the accompanying assets. Because of the new deal, Poker Central can use their streaming site known as PokerGO to air the seven seasons of the show.

In a press release, Poker Central even hinted that new episodes may be created in the future. Poker Central stated that they are finalizing plans for the series future and this would include new episode distribution via PokerGO as well as potential partners in broadcasting and streaming services.

President of Poker Central, Sam Simmons, commented that the poker program was remarkable and beautifully showed the drama of cash game poker. By bringing the High Stakes Poker brand to their platform, Poker Central will be able to recapture the nostalgia and magic of the show via existing episodes and new content.

It is interesting to note that the producer of the High Stakes Poker seasons for the Game Show Network, Mori Eskandani, is now the executive producer of Poker Central. Eskandani commented on the acquisition as well, stating that it’s a dream come true to bring the series to a new generation of poker players and fans.

Popular Programming

High Stakes Poker was popular for many years due to offering televised poker featuring cash games when most options available at the time were related to tournament gaming. Fans of poker were able to see what it was like for big time hands to go down with tons of cash on the line. This was an inside look into a world that was usually off-limits.

Many well-known pros hit the felt for High Stakes Poker cash games including such names as Daniel Negreanu, Peter Eastgate, Tom Dwan, Barry Greenstein, Phil Ivey and Gus Hanson. It was unusual to be able to see how players would make decisions during a cash game instead of at the tournament felt. The atmosphere is different, and fans never knew what to expect from the table.

Fans as well as poker players will be anxiously awaiting to see what High Stakes Poker has to offer once it is back in action. It certainly is big news for the industry as a whole and most everyone will be excited to see what Poker Central has planned for the brand. We will stay up to date on any info that is released and let our readers know just what is going on with the High Stakes Poker now that it is going to be back in action!

Jacqueline Packett
Jacqueline Packett