Home Games Product Update at PokerStars

For an online poker room to remain relevant, they must offer quality cash game and tournament options as well as update its platform from time to time with new content and upgraded software. Operators that do this on a regular basis keep players happy by fixing bugs and offering something new and exciting on a regular basis. Top-rated online poker room PokerStars has essentially perfected what a poker room needs to do to stay relevant. They continually provide updates and offer something new to their members. Just this week, the brand announced a huge update to the popular Home Games product including adding new games and mobile capability.

Home Games Changes

If you are unfamiliar with Home Games, here is the rundown. With Home Games, members of PokerStars can create private clubs where they can play cash games and tournaments with specific people, such as family or friends. To do this, a code is needed for the club.

In the past, players had to physically be at home to be able to use the desktop client of PokerStars to use the Home Games products. Now, the mobile app offers Home Games, so players can take this gaming option on the go, or simply play from the couch rather than at a computer desk.

Because people are at home more often now due to the coronavirus pandemic, PokerStars decided to up the ante and offer even more Home Game formats. There is now a long list of games players can access to create cash games with friends or tournaments.

Included in the mix are:

·       2-7 Single Draw

·       2-7 Triple Draw

·       5-Card Omaha

·       8-Game

·       Badugi

·       Hold’em

·       H.O.R.S.E.

·       Omaha

·       Omaha Hi/Lo

·       Razz

·       Stud

·       Stud Hi/Lo

Additional Details

On top of the new formats, PokerStars has also added even more great options for Home Games. This gaming option has customizable capabilities so that players can configure their home game as they see fit. Players can choose how many can sit at each table as well as the betting format. Options like starting stack, rebuys, blind levels and payout structure can all be decided.

With so much customization, players will find that they can mix things up every time Home Games is used. This creates variety and more options depending on who you are playing with.

Home Games at PokerStars is also now offering late registration for tournament gaming. Players will find this option is live for the first six levels of a tournament. This way, the individual who sets up the gaming option can contact friends and they have time to get started if they are currently busy doing something else.

The online poker operator also decided to improve the time banks so that players have more time to make decisions during a tournament. This change brings the Home Games in line with the regular tournament offerings at PokerStars.

The process of setting up a Home Games option is pretty simple. Players can easily create their own club and get started playing with anyone they like by simply passing out a code. If you are setting up a tournament, you can choose the game type, starting stack total, format and number of players along with payout structure and other aspects.

The level of customization is vast and one of many reasons why the PokerStars Home Games is so popular. Take a look at the Home Games option today and find a way to play unique cash games and tournaments with whoever you like. Once you try this format, you may find it is your new go-to when it comes to online poker gaming!

Jacqueline Packett
Jacqueline Packett