Ignition Poker Launches New Miles Rewards Program

Ignition Poker has vastly improved its rewards program – the new “Miles” program offering cashback on losses as well as tournament tickets and casino bonuses.

Since 2016, Ignition Poker has been one of the best online poker sites for new and casual players due to its “recreational model”. The “recreational model” protects inexperienced players from those using software aids to gain an advantage by anonymizing player names at the tables and just displaying seat numbers instead.

The model is used by other sites sharing player databases with Ignition Poker on the Pai Wang Luo Network, and it has proved to be incredibly successful. At peak times, only PokerStars, Party Poker and Winamax see more players at their tables, and consequently Ignition Poker has become the number one destination for U.S online poker players.

Despite proactively dissuading “regs” and “pros” from playing at the site, Ignition Poker offers an attractive first deposit bonus, a modest – yet achievable – range of promotions, and a strong tournament schedule. However, up until recently, its player rewards program has been disappointing. Now that´s about to change with the launch of a new “Miles” program.

How the New Miles Program Works

Now, whenever you contribute to the rake deducted from cash games, or pay a fee to enter a Sit & Go game or Multi-Table Tournament, you will be awarded 15 Tier Miles and 15 Ignition Miles per $1.00. The Tier Miles determine your level within the rewards program, while the Ignition Miles can be redeemed for tournament tickets and casino bonuses.

In addition, if your account balance is below $10 at the end of the day, Ignition Poker will calculate your net losses for that day, and award you a percentage cashback depending on your level within the rewards program. The higher your level, the higher percentage of cashback you receive. The cashback is paid in the form of a bonus, which is cleared at the rate of 5 Ignition Points per $1.00.

Casino bonuses are also dependent on your level within the rewards program, while the exchange rate for tournament tickets varies according to what tournaments Ignition Poker is promoting at the time (hint: you get better exchange rates for Mad Monday tournaments). Players achieving Chrome status or higher will also be eligible to play in weekly freeroll tournaments with prize pools starting at $2,500.

Level Tier Miles Required Casino Cash Redemption Rate Daily Cashback %
Steel 0 2,500 Miles = $1 6%
Chrome 2,500 2,250 Miles = $1 7%
Bronze 10,000 2,000 Miles = $1 8%
Silver 60,000 1,750 Miles = $1 9%
Gold 150,000 1,500 Miles = $1 10%
Platinum 500,000 1,250 Miles = $1 11%
Titanium 1,000,000 1,000 Miles = $1 12%
Diamond 2,500,000 1,000 Miles = $1 15%

There are a couple of points to be aware of if you plan on taking advantage of the new Miles rewards program. Tier Miles and Ignition Miles are awarded at the lower rate of 1.5 Miles per dollar if you play Jackpot Sit & Go games, tournament tickets expire if not used within 90 days, and casino bonuses have a 10x rollover requirement from which certain casino games are excluded.

Ignition Poker Also Simplifies First Deposit Bonus

If you previously looked at the Ignition Poker first deposit bonus, you will be aware it used to have a tiered structure that paid out fixed bonus amounts as specific milestones were reached. Well, that´s all gone. Instead the new first deposit bonus consists of a straightforward 100% match on your first deposit up to $1,000 which is released in regular $5 increments each time you collect 150 Ignition Miles.

The restructured first deposit bonus is not only simpler to understand, but also simpler to monitor via the in-client dashboard where you will also find the tournament ticket exchange rates.  Furthermore, if I have done my math correctly, the first deposit bonus is the equivalent of 50% rakeback (contribute $10 in rake to earn 150 Ignition Miles in order to release a $5 bonus increment).

The Ignition Poker bonus for new players could well worth taking advantage of if you have never received a first deposit bonus from Ignition Poker before – especially as, once you have cleared the bonus, you will be automatically eligible for the new Miles rewards program.

Jacqueline Packett
Jacqueline Packett