Intertops Hosts $500 SNG Battle Promotion

Intertops SNG BattleIf you play 10-man SNGs, then Intertops has a $500 prize pool for you to shoot for this week with their SNG Battle promotion.

SNG players at Intertops are getting a chance to win one of 20 cash prizes worth a total of $500 in their SNG Battle promotion this week.

One of the most fun things to do in the online poker world is to face off against other players and win. This is even more fun in the SNG format where only one player can come out on top at a time. If you play 10-man SNGs, then you know what it feels like to beat a whole table of players and take down half of all of the money that was put into the game to begin with.

Coming up this week, [geolink href=””]Intertops Poker[/geolink] is giving you another way to come out on top in these games with their $500 SNG Battle promotion.

How This Promotion Works

Players will be able to earn points on a leaderboard in this competition. From March 16 through March 22, you’ll pick up points for every real money, 10-man, regular SNG that you play with a buy-in (not counting tournament fees) of $10 or less. A total of 20 players will share a $500 prize pool in this event, and you can earn points in the games towards the leaderboard standings even if you do not place in the money.

How Points Are Calculated

To determine the number of points that you’ll earn from a game, you’ll mulitply the number of players by the size of the buy-in, and then you’ll divide that by where you placed out of those players. Take the square root of that resulting value, and you’ll have your total number of points for the leaderboard.

For a quick example, suppose you play a game with a $5 buy-in and 10 players, and you place second:

  • Start by multiplying the number of players (10) by the size of the buy-in (5) to get 50.
  • Divide 50 by your place (2) to get 25.
  • Take the square root of 25 to get 5, the number of points you get for the leaderboard.

Here’s one more example of playing a $1 buy-in game with 10 players and coming in fourth:

  • Multiply the number of players (10) by the size of the buy-in (1). You get 10.
  • Divide that number by your place (4) to get 2.5.
  • Take the square root of 2.5 to get the number of points you’re given for the competition, which is about 1.58.

Since this promotion is only for players who are getting in on the action with 10-man SNGs, only your buy-in and the place you get in the event will affect your number of points.

Games Restrictions

As we mentioned above, this is only for games that use 10 players in the SNG format. However, you aren’t allowed to play in the kamikaze or double-up formats for this promotion. Additionally, satellite tournaments do not award points for this leaderboard either.

With all of that having been said, any form of poker can be played to take advantage of this offer.

Suggested Strategy

There is a bit of strategy involved in this type of promotion as far as choosing which game sizes to play. Doubling the size of your buy-in will essentially double the number of points that you get, with all else being equal. However, if you don’t have the bankroll to support this large of a jump in stakes, then we suggest that you play responsibly at the stakes that make sense for you so that you don’t hit a losing streak and go bust. If you go bust, you can’t win any points, and that makes it harder to become one of the 20 people who share the $500 prize pool.

Jacqueline Packett
Jacqueline Packett