Intertops Poker Offers Summer Challenge Bonus

Summer Challenge at IntertopsOnline poker players who love a challenge have one to conquer at Intertops Poker this summer that will add bonus cash to their bankrolls.

A Summer Challenge promotion is underway [geolink href=””]at Intertops[/geolink] that could mean up to $200 in bonus money credited to each player’s account every month after all is said and done. Not a bad chunk of change at that, and all that’s required is to play poker.

Whether you win or lose while taking on the Summer Challenge matters not. Just accumulate the required FPPs in the time frame allotted and the bonus cash is yours to spend on whatever summer activity suits your fancy.

Challenge Details

Each summer month is divided into two sections, the 1st-15th and the 16th through the 31st. The lower tier of the Summer Challenge is to play a minimum of 10 cash game hands at stake levels of $0.02/ 0.04 through $0.25/0.50. A $5 bonus is the reward offered for doing so and the bonus money can be earned in both the first and second half of the month.

But playing 10 hands of poker is a snap and $5 is nothing to write home about, right? Of course! That’s why the bonus gets bigger the more hands you play.

Simply play 20 cash game hands at the same stake levels mentioned above to be eligible for a $10 bonus, play at least 30 hands for $25, 40 ring game hands is possibly worth $50, and playing more than 50 cash game hands could add $100 to your bankroll.

Now that the bonus values have been determined, here is where the challenge comes in. The bonus cash is paid in installments of $5 for every 83.335 in FPPs earned. Just keep playing poker at Intertops and rack up the FPPs and watch the bonus money get added to your account $5 at a time.

Players have a full month in which to earn the FPPs required to clear each bonus. And remember, there are two bonus periods every month of the summer.

Sit & Go Players

Intertops Poker also values its Sit & Go players and has extended the same Summer Challenge for those who prefer Sit & Go action to playing ring games. The buy-in levels eligible to earn the bonus cash are all Sit & Go games up to $3.

Play in 10 such Sit & Gos to be eligible for a $5 bonus, compete in 20 or more to earn $10, 30 Sit & Go games whether you win or lose is potentially worth $25, playing 40 Sit & Gos is good for $50 in bonus cash, and 50 or more Sit & Gos can earn you the maximum allowed bonus of $100.

As with the Summer Challenge ring game bonus offer, the Sit & Go cash bonuses can be earned twice a month, from the 1st to the 15th and the 16th through the 31st. The same amount of accumulated FPPs is required to earn the bonus money payable in $5 increments.

Whether you’re a cash game or Sit & Go player, a Summer Challenge awaits you at Intertops Poker. And all you have to do is play poker at low stake levels to put some added bonus cash into your poker account.

Jacqueline Packett
Jacqueline Packett