Intertops Poker Seeks Player Input on MTT Schedule

Intertops Poker Seeks Player InputIntertops Poker has sent out a request to its player database for suggestions on how the site can improve its multi table tournament (MTT) schedule.

As you can read in our review here, Intertops Poker is good for many things. It has a generous first deposit bonus, an excellent rewards program and a good range of seasonal and ongoing promotions. Cash game traffic on the site is decent (and improving), and Intertops Poker has developed a reputation for efficient customer services and timely payouts.

One area in which Intertops Poker does not set the world on fire is its MTT schedule. Largely catering for small bankroll players – and often relying on extended late registration periods to meet modest guarantees – Intertops Poker tournaments often struggle to attract decent size fields. Due to the lack of players, there are some big gaps in the schedule – even during peak periods.

Five New Tournaments to be Added Each Day

In order to fill the gaps, Intertops Poker is planning to add five new tournaments to its daily schedule. However, rather than using past experience to decide what new tournaments should be added, the site is seeking input from Intertops players to see what they would like included in the schedule via a thread on the popular 2+2 poker forum.

According to a post from the Intertops Rep, players are invited to suggest the MTT formats they would like to see introduced. Players can also suggest weekly tournaments if they feel there will be enough demand for them. The information Intertops is looking for is:

  • What time of the day/week the tournament should be.
  • What type of game (Hold´em, Omaha, or Omaha Hi/Lo).
  • What limits the tournament should have (No Limit, Pot Limit or Fixed Limit).
  • The buy-in and fee (the fee is generally 10%, but it would be nice if it was lowered).
  • Whether players should have a bounty on their heads or not.
  • Whether the tournament should have a guaranteed prize pool. If so, how much?
  • Whether the game should be a freezeout, or re-buy and add-on.
  • How many starting chips each player should have.
  • How long the levels should be and how steeply the blinds should increase.

Once players have had the opportunity to add their thoughts to those already on the forum thread, the entire Intertops Poker database will be emailed, asking players to select their preferred event. The top five selected in the email poll will be added to the MTT schedule.

Prizes for Making a Successful Suggestion

Intertops has been in the online poker industry for long enough to know that players will never do anything unless there is something in it for them. So, as an incentive to get players thinking and suggesting their preferred formats, Intertops is putting up prizes for the players whose suggestions are selected to be among the five new tournaments.

The site has been a bit quiet about announcing what the prizes will be, but considering Intertops´ usual generosity, it will likely be worthwhile to participate in the poll. If you wish to add your opinion to the growing list on the 2+2 forum, it might be a good idea to avoid any tournaments that already feature in the daily MTT schedule – a list of which can be found here. (Click on the image to zoom in on it).

Bonuses to be Won in the Intertops Spring Challenge

Regular readers of will be aware that Intertops Poker is running a “Spring Challenge” promotion throughout April that rewards players for competing at the cash game tables and in Sit & Go games. The promotion is divided into two halves – from April 1st to 15th and from April 16th to 30th – so players who have not taken part yet have a fresh chance to get involved from tomorrow.

The challenge is a fairly simple one – awarding players a free poker bonus of up to $100 for playing in cash games with stakes from $0.02/$0.04, or for playing in more than ten Sit & Go games before the end of the month. I reckon that a player with the rest of today free could actually qualify for an Intertops Poker bonus before the first half of the challenge closes tonight at midnight (ET).

See you at the Intertops Poker tables in about 15 minutes!

Jacqueline Packett
Jacqueline Packett