Jo Snell Wins 2020 Aussie Millions Opening Event

The Aussie Millions has begun, and the Opening Event kicked the poker festival off right with a field of 1,655 players competing. With six days of gaming action, it would be a tough event, but in the end, Jo Snell would be the victor. Snell would defeat Samuel Jeffries in heads-up play to earn the win, taking home his largest prize to date.

The buy-in to the event was a solid A$1,025 + $125, creating an overall prize pool of A$1,706,625. For the win, Snell was able to earn $235,514 and an ANTON Jewellery Championship Ring. It would take less than nine hours for the pro to claim the title.

First Aussie Event

Surprisingly, Snell was participating in his first ever Aussie Millions event. He was happy with the outcome and stated that to outlast 1,600 something people means you have to get pretty lucky. He let it was outrageous to have won being that this was his first ever Aussie Millions tournament.

A big hand for Snell came during the final table when he eliminated Sohrab Rezvanpour. Snell was holding pocket Kings and Rezvanpour had Queens. The Kings stood up and Snell was able to push his chip stack to almost four million chips.

Place Player Prize
First Jo Snell $235,514
Second Samuel Jeffries $145,435
Third Jonathan Karamalikis $86,557
Fourth Michael Egan $62,531
Fifth Jungwoon An $42,401
Sixth Ryan Henry $30,619
Seventh Egor Bulychev $25,910
Eighth Sohrab Rezvanpour $22,273
Ninth Bo Jin $18,847
Tenth Andrew Shanahan $14,369


Additional Winners

Along with the Opening Event finishing up, others have also come to a conclusion. Event #3 was a Pot Limit Omaha event, featuring 349 players. Matthew Edwards was able to defeat Matthew Shells in the final round to claim the title win.

Event #4, a No Limit Hold’em Mix Max option, saw 342 players competing and only 35 making it to the final day. With eight players remaining, the field would be redrawn to create four heads-up matches. In the end, it was Freek Scholten who earned the first place finish, taking home $59,737 in prize money.

Weekend Events

The Aussie Millions will continue through the weekend and beyond with several events set for January 11th and 12th. Event #6 is a Pot Limit Omaha tournament beginning on the 11th with a $2,500 buy-in. Event #7 will also take place on the 11th, offering a No Limit Hold’em Deep Freeze format. This event has a lower $1,500 buy-in.

Event #8 will take place on the 12th featuring a Shot Clock No Limit Hold’em Six Max affair. This event will have a $2,500 buy-in.

The Aussie Millions is a celebrated affair where the best of the best line up to compete in many events spread across several days. Players from around the world take part in the series, winning seats online or paying the full buy-in at a shot to gain poker glory by finishing in the money or in the first-place position!

Jacqueline Packett
Jacqueline Packett