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Intertops Spring ChallengeThe new Intertops Spring Challenge promotion gives players a chance to win up to $200 in bonuses during April for cash game or SNG play.

If you’re a fan of either cash games or SNG games, you’ll have a chance to earn up to $200 in bonuses at [geolink href=””]Intertops[/geolink] during the Spring Challenge Promotion.

If you’re ready to do some spring cleaning and boost your bankroll in the process, Intertops has a great promotion you’ll want to pay attention to. During the month of April, players will be able to win up to $200 in bonuses for playing either SNG games or cash games. It’s a valuable promotion that shows just how much extra value they’re willing to give out to their players.

How This Promotion Works

From April 1-15 and April 16-30 are two different periods where the same promotion applies, and you can earn up to $100 in bonus money during each of the two periods. There are five different levels of play that you can achieve in cash games or SNGs based on how many hands (cash games) or games (SNGs) you play. It’s a really easy promotion to qualify for, and you can earn some serious money in the process.

Qualifying With Cash Games

There are five levels that you can use to qualify for when you play cash games in each 15-day period, and the number of real money hands you play from $0.02/0.04 up to $0.25/0.50 determines which bonus you qualify for based on the following levels:

  • A $5 bonus is given for playing at least 10 hands.
  • A $10 bonus is given for playing at least 20 hands.
  • A $25 bonus is given for playing at least 30 hands.
  • A $50 bonus is given for playing at least 40 hands.
  • A $100 bonus is given for playing at least 50 hands.

Players should have no problem qualifying for the $100 bonus in a single session if they wanted to play for an hour or so, and it’s a great way for cash game players to get extra value without having to do anything different than what they would have done otherwise.

Qualifying With SNG Tournaments

The process of qualifying with SNG tournaments works in much the same way. There are five levels of bonuses based on how many real money SNG tournaments you play with during the promotional period:

  • Play 10 SNG games to get a $5 bonus.
  • Play 20 SNG games to get a $10 bonus.
  • Play 30 SNG games to get a $25 bonus.
  • Play 40 SNG games to get a $50 bonus.
  • Play 50 SNG games to get a $100 bonus.

This is slightly more difficult to get than the cash game bonuses, so even if you’re an SNG player, you might want to sit at a low stakes cash game table for a session to qualify for the largest bonus possible in each time period.

Bonus Restrictions

Players can only earn one bonus during each period, so if you qualify for a $50 bonus from the SNG games and a $100 bonus from the cash games, you’ll only be awarded for the $100 bonus since it’s the larger of the two. However, you do get to qualify for a separate bonus for each of the two 15-day periods for the promotion, and that’s up to $200 in bonus money for playing games you would have been playing anyway. It’s hard to find anything wrong with that at all.

The wagering requirements for the bonus are $5 for every 83.335 FPPs accumulated, and players have 30 days to play through these wagering requirements before the bonus expires.

Jacqueline Packett
Jacqueline Packett