Kevin Hart Signs Partnership Deal with partypoker

In the online poker world, there are players who are considered ambassadors or representors of a brand. Back in the early 2000s, it was not uncommon to seens 10s of professional poker players or celebrities acting as a representative of an online poker brand. However, that soon dwindled away after online poker was nonexistent in the US. Over the past few years, poker brands have decided to add players are their reps in live events as well as in online game play. For partypoker, the brand just recently signed a big name after securing a deal with comedian and actor Kevin Hart.

New Global Ambassador

According to the new deal, Kevin Hart will now be a global ambassador for the online poker site. When live gaming gets back underway, players will be able to watch Hart in action as he hits the felt representing the top poker brand. On Twitter, Rob Yong of partypoker announced with Hart that they have partnered up to help promote the site as well as the poker game. According to Yong, Hart is the highest stakes amateur player in the world and he wants his help in promoting amateur poker to the masses.

Hart commented as well, stating that the world of poker is about to get a lot more fun. It will certainly be interesting to see Hart as he plays in major events representing the brand. He will certainly bring more personality and action to the felt.

Poker History

Hart is no stranger to the game of poker, having worked with other brands in the past. Before signing with partypoker, Hart was partnered with another top name in the game, PokerStars. In early 2017, Hart took part in the Super High Roller of the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure. It was just a short time after that event that Hart was officially signed with PokerStars and vowed to make the game fun again.

It was definitely a new tactic for PokerStars as they were known for partnering with well-known professional players. With Hart, they could appeal to other people, including your average player. Hart stayed with PokerStars into early 2018 but was not seen playing for the brand last year or any this year.

Hart has reportedly continued to play the game and was taking part in a cash game with Yong as well as Jean-Robert Bellande and Andrew Robl when he made an agreement with Yong to come to partypoker. Hart commented in the video of the announcement stating that himself and Yong will be getting real and getting rid of the people who make the game technical.

So for now, we can look and see if Hart will be taking his gaming online. Once the coronavirus pandemic is over and poker is back in business in live form, there is no doubt that Hart will be at the forefront, playing against poker pros and amateurs, making the game fun.

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Jacqueline Packett