Krauskopf Wins Main Event on PokerAtlas Tour

The 2024 PokerAtlas Tour is always one that poker players look forward to, and that event just wrapped up after some great action. This event spanned from March 7th through the 18th and it all culminated with a terrific main event. 

The main event during this festival was an $800 buy-in no-limit hold’em poker tournament, and the initial prize guarantee was $300,000. As with most live poker tournaments, that guarantee ended up being much more as there were 459 entries into the field. 

After some furious action on the poker tables it was Tim Krauskopf that came away the title, even though it wasn’t done in a traditional way. When there were just five players remaining at the final table, this players decided to split the pot based on the chips at that time. 

Pot splits have become more popular over the last 12 months as some of these main events are getting too big. Players are simply worn down by the final day of the event, and everyone is looking to end the event and move on. 

Krauskopf a Relative Unknown

This win from Tim Krauskopf is going to go down as a big surprise, especially when looking at some of the players that he was able to get past. Krauskopf is a player with plenty of poker experience, but most of it has been done at much smaller events. 

He is from the Chicago area, but he made the decision that he wanted to get into bigger tournaments heading into 2024. This proved to be a great decision as he was able to take home $45,968 after having the most chips when the deal was made. 

Not only did Krauskopf take home a huge chunk of money, but he was also awarded 360 Card Player Player of the Year points. Those points would come in handy if Krauskopf is looking into more big events, but it’s unclear what his next plan will be.

This main event spanned five days, and players were put into our starting flights when the action began. The eliminations came quick and just 38 players were remaining when the final day got here. 

Krauskopf was in the lead when the final day began and he entered the final table with the most chips after taking down David Jackson to set the final nine. 

Other Top Finishers

Since there were four other players that split the final pot with Krauskopf, there were a number of players that cashed in. Danny Chen was the player that kept most of the pressure on, and he ended up taking home $35,833 with a second place finish. 

Ross Miller wasn’t far behind when the final chips were counted and he also took home nearly $34,000. Thanh Duong and David Wade were the two other players who were avoided in the pot chop, but there was a significant drop. 

Ninth place was still good enough for $6,430, and there were valuable Card Player Player of the Year points awarded as well.


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