Las Vegas Will Be Busy With Live Poker

Las Vegas, Nevada, is known as the gambling capital of the world for a reason, but that city is about to be flooded with live poker players soon. The World Series of Poker is always a popular event each summer in Las Vegas, but other casinos have their own tournaments as well. 

One of the biggest competitors to the WSOP is the Wynn Summer Classic, and it’s an event that is going to span nearly two full months. With over 100 tournaments set to be played, there will be a ton of opportunities for players to cash in. 

A total of $37 million will be handed out during the Wynn Summer Classic, but that number could actually grow to more than $40 million. Every good event is going to need some headlining events, and that is definitely the case with this event. 

World Poker Tour Included

The $10,400 No-Limit Hold’Em Summer Championship is going to be the headlining event at the Wynn Summer Classic, but that’s not the only opportunity to win big. There is a $10 million prize pool available to players in the Summer Championship, and that is typically where the top players are going to play. 

One nice feature of the Summer Championship is that players can get into the field with a small buy-in of just $400. Nearly every other tournament is going to have a buy-in of at least $1,000, but Wynn is looking for record-setting numbers in this tournament. 

The World Poker Tour (WPT) is going to get involved with this event as well, and the Alpha8 Trifecta Tournament is going to make a return. This isn’t going to be an event for the average player as it’s built around the high rollers that frequent Las Vegas. 

There will be three separate two day events at the Alpha8 Trifecta Tournament, and the buy-in will be $25,000 for all three events. While cash prizes are going to be handed out, a seat at the WPT Championship in December is also a prize that’s available. 

The Wynn will be competing with the WSOP to try and get players to attend, but there are a number of events that should draw plenty of attention. 

Other Casinos Involved

Even though Wynn is likely going to have the biggest turnout outside of the WSOP, there are other casinos in Las Vegas that should be extremely popular as well. The Golden Nugget, MGM Grand, and Aria are all going to be looking to get involved with some large poker tournaments. 

The Grand Poker Series is going to be coming to the Golden Nugget at the end of May, and all of that action will wrap up by the start of July. The MGM Grand will host the 2024 Summer Poker Festival from May 29th-July 8, and that’s going to be another big event. 

The High Roller Series at Aria will take place from June 18-July 8th, and that should attract some of the top poker players.


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